Middle Seat Nightmare Comes True For One Unlucky Man

Packed in like sardines.

Middle Seat Nightmare Comes True For One Unlucky Man

We’ve all been there. You check-in for a flight either online or at the airport, but you refuse to pay to select a seat. After all, you’re still going to get to your destination, why should you give the airline any more money to select a seat you’ve already paid for? – especially right now, when a debate as to whether we should feel sorry for the airlines is front of the minds of many frequent travellers.

But in some instances, that extra forty or so dollars could prove to be the wisest investment you ever make, especially if you find out you’ve been handed the middle seat. It’s the one nobody really wants if they’re travelling solo, as you never know who you could end up stuck between.


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That’s certainly the case for Patrick Haberson, who found himself practically gasping for air on a recent flight, as he found himself sandwiched between two absolute giants, for want of a better word. His Snapchat video – posted to Instagram by Barstool Sports – shows him without an ounce of wiggle room, accompanied by the in-video caption “Is this a joke?”. A nightmare scenario for anyone, we’re sure you’ll agree (he would have no doubt benefitted from this proposed design for future economy airline seats).

The video was actually posted by Patrick in 2019, but it has recently resurfaced and caught our attention. In that Instagram post, Patrick added the caption, “When I see people on social media complaining about their flight and travel experiences, I can’t help but remember the time that [Southwest Air] stuck me between two behemoth human beings for a 5 hour flight from MD back to AZ”

A quick one hour flight from Sydney to Byron Bay would be torture in that situation, let alone five.

It’s a notion shared by many users who have left comments on the video;

“Omg I’m having severe anxiety watching this. ALWAYS AISLE!”

“I’ve been there buddy. Godspeed”,

and “You are gonna come outta that smelling like feet”.

We imagine Patrick’s video will now inspire anyone who finds themself on the next plane to a holiday destination as soon as lockdown laws lift will now find it absolutely essential to pay the extra to select a seat.

Maybe airlines should use this as a persuasive tool.

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