The Real Difference Between Morning & Evening Workouts

"Less food, less fuel."

The Real Difference Between Morning & Evening Workouts

When is the best time to workout, morning or evening? It’s an argument you might have never put much thought into. You just find a time of day that works for you and keep at it. To weigh in on the argument, Instagram user @edgefitnessofficial has shared a post that gives an argument for choosing either.

As the account says in the post, “Studies show that people who workout later in the evening are more likely to miss it,” and adds, “Personally, I prefer morning workouts.” But we’re now on hand to show you his reasoning for choosing one or the other, and you never know, it may make you rethink the way you workout forever.

Early risers will likely agree that a morning workout is the best because it energises you for the day and helps to boost your metabolism. Another major upside to working out first thing is that iit gets it over and done with and you don’t have to worry about it later in the day. The idea of having to go through a full day at work and then summon the energy to spend an hour or so at the gym can be off-putting for many.

Although, a downside could be that in the morning you’re more likely to have less food in you, thus less fuel, which is obviously an essential ingredient to a rigorous workout.

The late-night gym junkies will no doubt agree that evening workouts can be a perfect destresser from the day. It’s certainly contradictory to the point about not wanting to workout after a long day at work, but conversely, it could be the best thing you do before heading home to wind down for the rest of the night.

After a full day, you’re also going to have fed yourself well, so you should be able to lift more from the additional food in your system. You will also be able to afford extra time in bed in the morning, and hours in the bedroom should never be wasted if it can be avoided.

Essentially, there’s no right or wrong answer. The point of the post is to potentially make you rethink about how you workout. It doesn’t have to apply solely to the gym either, as right now, working out at home can prove tricky no matter the time of day, as it can be hard to summon the motivation. With the help on offer here, making a start on those gains has been made that little bit easier.

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