‘The Grooming Zone’ Is Australian Men’s Go-To For Quality Self-Care

Step into The Grooming Zone.

‘The Grooming Zone’ Is Australian Men’s Go-To For Quality Self-Care

The following article was produced in partnership with Myer.

Men. Have you ever felt you want to up your grooming game but don’t want to invest in the cheap products you find in your local supermarket? Where else can you find products without having to go into high-end boutique stores? The answer? Myer. 

Myer fully understands the world of male grooming can be overwhelming. Product ranges continue to expand and ingredient lists can become increasingly confusing. It’s not surprising that some men find it hard to tap into quality grooming products. 

Fortunately, Myer has now done the hard work for you and introduced The Grooming Zone, bringing together a comprehensive selection of some of the best male grooming products on the planet, into one easy-to-navigate destination. The result? A complete solution to the grooming needs of Australian men.

What is The Grooming Zone?

The Grooming Zone is Myer’s inventive destination for all things male grooming, catering to skincare, haircare, makeup, personal hygiene and other grooming essentials. You can find The Grooming Zone both in store at Myer locations around Australia, as well as online.

Searching for and finding the best grooming products for you has never been easier.

What brands are stocked in The Grooming Zone?

The Grooming Zone unites a wide range of products from various male grooming brands, both local and international. One of the standout performers, however, is undoubtedly Charles + Lee. 

Charles + Lee is an Australian male grooming brand that hails from Melbourne. Having only been founded in 2015, it’s fair to say they’re still a youngster relative to some others, but their no-nonsense approach to male grooming has quickly catapulted them into the spotlight. 

Believing that male grooming products need not be overcomplicated, Charles + Lee do away with creative jargon and instead focuses on what really matters. All products are made in Australia from natural ingredients, for example, and better still, all are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. 

You won’t find ingredients that are sourced from atop the most remote mountains or the deepest oceans, but when the natural ingredients they do use perform to the highest standards, then who cares?

While all grooming products in the Charles + Lee collection are worthy of your attention, some of the star performers include: 

Face Wash: A simple daily cleanser that leaves your skin feeling energised and refreshed, thanks to a combination of grape seed oil, chamomile extract and AHA to lightly exfoliate the skin and draw away impurities.

Charcoal Face Scrub: This occasional-use face scrub draws on the benefits of charcoal powder, which works as a natural detoxifying agent to draw out dirt and oil from the skin, leaving it feeling super fresh. Perfect for use before shaving, the charcoal face scrub is a bathroom cabinet essential. 

Oil-Free Moisturiser: It’s a fact of life that we all have different skin tyes, whether it be normal, dry, oily or combination. You need to make sure you buy the right products for your particular skin to see the best results. Charles + Lee has done the hard work for those with oily skin by developing this oil-free moisturiser. 

It works in the exact way you’d want a moisturiser to work, i.e. leaving the skin feeling hydrated, but does away with excess shine, while the inclusion of vitamin E helps to prevent signs of ageing. 

Hair & Body Wash: It’s not just your facial skin you need to pay close attention to, but your hair and the rest of your body also deserve the same high performance treatment. The ultimate 2-in-1 bottle of goodness, Charles + Lee have called upon native Australian Kakadu Plum, which is abundant with vitamins C & E to fight signs of aging, whilst eucalyptus oil removes impurities from both the hair and skin, making both look their damn best. 

Moisturiser SPF 15: Australian men know well that the harsh sunlight and UV rays beaming down on this country can have a negative effect on your skin if you don’t protect it effectively. To that end: this Moisturiser with SPF 15 gives you a daily dose of protection against harmful UVA/UVB, while also hydrating the skin and improving its overall health in the process.

See, skincare and self-care don’t have to be hard. It just takes a quick visit to Myer’s The Grooming Zone to stock up on some essential products to have you looking and feeling your best. Perhaps the best thing about the Charles + Lee collection is that it’s incredibly affordable.

While you’ll find some skincare brands charge crazy money, justifying it with the use of rare and exotic ingredients, Charles + Lee offers an incredible selection of quality products that won’t break the bank.

The entire Charles + Lee grooming collection is available now at Myer’s The Grooming Zone. We implore you to check it out.