Naked Tourist Gatecrashes Dance Show At Sacred Bali Temple

"This is literally cultural terrorism."

Naked Tourist Gatecrashes Dance Show At Sacred Bali Temple

Image: @ubudonacid

An incident in Bali has caused uproar after a German woman disrupted a traditional Balinese dance performance at an Ubud temple… completely naked. Captured in a viral video, the event has outraged people in Bali and online, leading to calls for the woman’s deportation.

History has a funny way of repeating itself. Last year, a wannabe internet star was chucked out of Bali for taking some pretty risque photos with one of the island’s most sacred trees that’s over 700 years old. Last month, a Russian was deported for exactly the same naked stunt.

Now, a German woman has caused uproar online after gatecrashing a sacred dance ceremony at an Ubud temple whilst completely naked. Some are sympathetic, flagging potential mental health issues, while others have been much more severe in their response, calling for immediate deportation.

WATCH: Here’s how the unexpected incident unfolded…

Identified as 28-year-old Darja Tuschinski, the video shows Tuschinski calmly walking onto the stage while the dancers continue with their show, seemingly unperturbed. Then, Tuschinski climbs the temple stairs before attempting to open a door when a local man intervenes, preventing her from doing so. Undeterred, she descends and kneels in front of the stage, assuming a prayer-like position.

Bali Police spokesman Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto confirmed the incident occurred at the Saraswati Ubud Temple on Monday at approximately 8pm local time and is currently under investigation by Ubud Police. Prior to the disruption, Tuschinski had argued with temple staff before storming into the dance performance and subsequently removing her clothes.

The censored version of the video quickly gained traction on social media, eliciting anger from many viewers who were quick to demand her deportation:

“This is literally cultural terrorism.”


In the days since, authorities have discovered that Tuschinski had frequently been seen walking around naked at the Ubud Bungalow where she was staying. Further investigations revealed that she had been grappling with depression and was facing financial difficulties that threatened to prevent her continued stay in Bali, potentially bringing on mental health pressures.

Thankfully, Tuschinski has been transferred to the Bangli Mental Institution for proper care and evaluation, but the incident has reignited ongoing discussions about the importance of mental health support for travellers and the need for increased cultural sensitivity when visiting countries overseas.

While we wish Tuschinski a swift and full recovery, we also rue the fact that Bali once again finds itself the focal point of online uproar thanks to tourists who can’t resist shedding more than their inhibitions.