Nick Kyrgios’ ‘Tennis Inspired’ Tesla Will Hurt Your Eyeballs

A deuce with no donk.

Nick Kyrgios’ ‘Tennis Inspired’ Tesla Will Hurt Your Eyeballs

Subtlety isn’t really in Nick Kyrgios‘ vocabulary.

The 27-year-old tennis champ, who made headlines around the globe for his winning doubles performance (and bringing Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘siuuu’ chant to the stuffy world of tennis) at the Australian Open earlier this year, is brash, bold, and not afraid of attention.

So it’s probably not surprising that a dude who basically cuts his hair to look like a damn tennis ball would be inspired by his sport of choice when it comes to his car. Last weekend, King Kyrgios turned heads as he arrived at a charity basketball game at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena in a bright green Tesla Model X.

Honestly, we couldn’t think of a more Kyrgios car. Gull-wing doors, a staunch stance, and most importantly, an eyeball-searing wrap that reminds of Astroturf? It hurts our eyes but we love it.

Kyrgios and girlfriend Costeen Hatzi getting out of the aforementioned Tesla. Image: Daily Mail

Kyrgios is actually quite a revhead. According to The Canberra Times, Nick and older brother Christos were both “massive car enthusiasts” growing up, and dreamed of one day owning a collection of powerful sports and muscle cars.

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Other cars in Nick’s collection include a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – one of the only Demons in Australia, actually – as well as an R35 Nissan GT-R. It’s interesting he’d go from something as unabashedly petrol-thirsty as a Dodge Demon to a Tesla. We respect it.

Kyrgios was last in action at the Houston Open in April where he lost in the semi-finals to the US’ Reilly Opelka. He’s reportedly taking some time to rest and recuperate back home Down Under before the French Open at the end of May.

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