Oscar Nominees Given Australian Real Estate In 2023 Goodie Bag

So much for the housing crisis...

Oscar Nominees Given Australian Real Estate In 2023 Goodie Bag

The famous Oscars goodie bags given to Hollywood A-listers always contain some pretty bonkers gifts… But the 2023 goodie bag might have the most insane gift of all: a plot of land in Australia.

Most people would consider just getting an invite to the Oscars to be the gift of a lifetime – let alone winning or being in the running for the most coveted award in cinema. But all Oscar nominees also receive a very lavish goodie bag, the contents of which are always a source of speculation and controversy.

The goodie bags, which are an unofficial gift created and distributed by Los Angeles-based marketing company Distinctive Assets, have contained all sorts of bizarre things over the years – from five-figure liposuction treatments to bottles of olive oil with gold flakes in them – but the 2023 goodie bag has raised the stakes.

Why? According to Forbes, one of the gifts in the 2023 Oscars goodie bag is a literal piece of Australia. Now, that sounds pretty ridiculous, but it’s actually not quite as insane as it sounds.

A closer look at the Pieces of Australia gift, as shared by Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary.

It’s actually a charitable exercise done by an organisation called Pieces of Australia. It’s similar to what Highland Titles do – you know, the British company that sells small plots of land in Scotland that let you claim a ‘Lordship’ or ‘Ladyship’ title (indeed, a Highland Titles gift was in the 2022 Oscars goodie bag).

Essentially, you buy a square meter of private land in Queensland, with the money going towards conservation efforts in Australia. It’s an education and awareness exercise. You don’t technically own that land – it’s symbolic.

Pieces of Australia have a number of different packages for sale on their website, which range from $80 to $600, depending on how much land you buy (and whether or not you want a plush toy koala with your purchase).

Compared to some of the outrageous gifts in the 2023 Oscars goodie bag – like a $229 “mental health orb” that claims to help regulate stress, a 3-day trip to a converted lighthouse off the coast of Italy or a bottle of edible massage oil – it’s actually rather worthy.

It should be pointed out at this point that calling them “goodie bags” is a bit misleading, as they often require multiple suitcases to deliver all the presents… Besides, how can you put a literal piece of Australia in a goodie bag anyway?