This Phillip Island Manor With Private Point Break Is A Surfer’s Wet Dream

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This Phillip Island Manor With Private Point Break Is A Surfer’s Wet Dream

The stately 'Trenavin Park': 746 Ventnor Road, Phillip Island, Vic 3922. Image:

Phillip Island is a little spot of paradise that has something for everyone. If you’re a nature lover, the Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of the most heartwarming and spectacular wildlife attractions in the country. If you’re a revhead, the island’s famous racetrack has got you more than covered.

But if you like surfing – and living in the lap of luxury – then this spectacular property up for sale there will get you more riled up than a great white who’s smelt some chum.

‘Trenavin Park’ (or 746 Ventnor Road to us common folk) contains two beautiful houses, a private chapel, swathes of bucolic fields as well as a private beachfront. If, like us, you’re a little bit over 2020 and would rather just be surfing all day, Trenavin Park is the ultimate getaway location for any budding barefoot investor.

The view of the private chapel and ocean from the main house’s kitchen. Image:

You might need a bigger boat but you won’t need a bigger place: Trenavin Park, an almost 84-acre property, has just about everything you could possibly need in a home. The highlight for many will be the secluded beachfront: epic surf conditions and views across Western Port Bay to Flinders and Bass Strait as well as the Mornington Peninsula? We’re already strapping our boards to the roof of the Kombi and packed enough shark repellant for months.

Even if you’re not a beach bum, Trenavin Park has plenty to offer. Not only are the buildings on the property pristine, but you could also turn the property into a business opportunity if you were so inclined.

“Amid the sound of crashing waves, Trenavin Park offers multiple options and income-generating opportunities, from being the ultimate private family estate or a working farm, to a luxury resort or an events and wedding venue with its own private chapel,” Sean Cussell and Marcus Heron from Prestige Homes of Victoria relate.

Can we call this a pointbreak? Either way it’s the ‘money maker’: Trenavin Park’s private beachfront. Image:

Other boxes to tick on Trenavin Park’s long list of features include a private tennis court; fenced paddocks, dams and abundant water storage; a machinery shed and two storage sheds; and access to the town water supply. It’s so well-appointed, you could go from a beach holiday to a resort holiday to a rural getaway all within the same property!

The chapel – once the original San Remo town church built in 1906, which has since been fully restored – is another unique feature of the property. There’s also a lovely guest house which you could turn into a luxe Airbnb.

The beauty of the main house is hard to overstate, too. The manor house is fully decked out in exquisite timber paneling plus has a spectacular craftsman-built timber staircase, open fireplaces, large home office, five bedrooms and four ensuites.

It’s like something out of a movie. Image:

With all that room for activities, you could invite all your friends (okay, maybe just 20 friends, we still have COVID-19 restrictions, remember) and just set up your own self-sustaining community; whiling away your days playing tennis, milking jersey cows and surfing.

Or you could go live on your own and eventually pull a Harold Holt. Either way.

Read more about Trenavin Park and see the listing here.

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