Piaget Unveils The Thinnest Mechanical Watch In The World

Extreme dieting in the horology world.

Piaget Unveils The Thinnest Mechanical Watch In The World

The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept is a name to be revered in modern horology. That’s because it’s currently the world’s thinnest mechanical timepiece.

Unveiled at SIHH 2018, the Altiplano Ultimate Concept clocks in at a wafer-thin 2mm for the entire thickness of the watch (and not just the movement). It also comes as the successor to Piaget’s 900P which previously held the title at 3.65mm.

The question is, how did the Swiss watchmaker achieve this feat of eradicating an entire 1.65mm of watch from an already svelte body? Technical ingenuity.

Once again pushing the boundaries of ultra-thin watchmaking, Piaget have reimagined the conventions of watch construction with careful attention given to the balance and balance spring – and by special attention we mean they’ve negated the balance cock, the shock absorbing system and balance staff. This factors most into creating one of Piaget’s thinnest profiles.

If that’s not compelling enough to convince punters of the exacting detail the designers have gone through then there’s also the watch crystal which clocks in at a ridiculous 0.2mm thick, the coverless mainspring barrel, the absence of a conventional bezel and a flat crown which seamlessly follows the case’s radial curvature.

Speaking of case, this one’s rather special too. The 41mm case is made from “High tech cobalt alloy” which serves as a rigid base for the intricate movement living inside that comprises of up to 283 components.

Holistically, this innovative approach to watchmaking sees the Ultimate Concept afford a power reserve of 44 hours alongside 30 metres of water resistance despite its minimalist frame. To protect its design integrity Piaget even enlisted five dedicated patents on this timepiece that’s not even on sale.

To polish things off the Altiplano Ultimate Concept is beautifully paired with a black dial and a 1.1mm thick alligator leather-kevlar strap.