Richard Mille Releases First Of Its Kind Graffiti-Tagged Tourbillon

At first glance, the street culture of graffiti seems worlds away from luxury watchmaking. But in the brand’s typical boundary-pushing fashion, Richard Mille has proved the two are a match made in horological heaven.

Richard Mille teamed up with Paris-based artist Cyril Phan (aka ‘Kongo’) to release a world-first tagged Tourbillon, the RM68-01. Kongo was forced to develop brand new technology in order to apply his artistic technique to the watch. Dubbed “micro-painting”, the process allowed the artist to create intricate details on his tiny canvas.

Mille designed the movement to reflect the energy and vibrant colours of Kongo’s artwork. The bridges of the movement arc in different directions like the wild paint strokes seen in street art. From the back, the central form of the baseplate radiates outwards like paint thrown against a wall.

Only 30 of the Kongo-customised wristwatches will be made, all of which are hand-painted, ensuring that each one is absolutely unique.

Read about the project in depth on the Richard Mille website.