Rick Ross' Extravagant Car Collection Reaches New Heights – Literally

"Leave my cars at her crib, I'm just stuntin' on her ex."

Rick Ross is one of the most successful rappers in the music industry and is the poster child for living lavishly.

Kilos of jewels and watches; dozens of high-end spirit endorsements; mansions upon mansions… But the thing he’s perhaps best known for is his obsession with all things motoring. I mean, the man has a record label named Maybach Music Group… But just as his third album is Deeper Than Rap, his love of cars is deeper than that.

Ross allegedly owns over 100 vehicles – including a few Maybachs, it has to be said – but he seems to have a real taste for Americana. His latest ride? A heavily modified Hummer H1 with some seriously jacked-up suspension, huge wheels, a camo paint job and Louis Vuitton monogram-print leather seats.

It’s a big car for an even bigger man. Ross is 1.8m tall, and the hulking Hummer seems even taller than that – close to 2m tall, by our estimation. For reference, that’s taller than a Mercedes-Benz G-Class or a Ford F-Series truck, or about two Lamborghini Miuras stacked on top of each other.

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The wheels are enormous, too. The largest stock rims that ever came on a Hummer H1 from the factory were 22″, but these aftermarket numbers are much bigger, 24″ or larger. We’re surprised he could find off-road-capable tyres for them, frankly… But when you’ve got a 100+ strong car collection, you’ve probably got a very capable tyre guy.

Ironically, this Hummer is probably one of the least flashy vehicles the Big Boss owns. We’d say his two-tone Rolls Royce Wraith, bright red Ferrari 458 Italia or his Chevrolet Impala ‘donk’ with Gucci upholstery are arguably more eye-catching rides (the man’s got a thing for designer upholstery, apparently).

He’s also clearly got a thing for the second-generation Chevrolet Bel Air. He’s got four, count ’em four, baby blue ones, as well as a bright red convertible example. We weren’t lying when we said he had a thing for American cars…

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