Ricky Gervais Is Not A Fan Of Daniel Craig And His James Bond Movies

In the words of David Brent, "let's agree to disagree".

Ricky Gervais Is Not A Fan Of Daniel Craig And His James Bond Movies

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British comedian Ricky Gervais isn’t one to shy away from making a controversial joke or statement. The Emmy winner, recently appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss the new season of his show After Life, but host, Jimmy Fallon decided to challenge Gervais and asked him to settle some of the biggest debates of all time.

One of these debate topics included ‘who’s the best James Bond?’ which genuinely seemed to stump Gervais. The comedian, best known for writing and starring in The Office UK, The Invention Of Lying, and Derek, went on to say that his ‘first thought’ was Sean Connery — sorry Daniel Craig fans — but then revealed:

“I’m not a fan of Bond. I’ve only watched a couple…”

Ricky Gervais

In true Gervais fashion, he then joked that the reason he doesn’t like Bond films is because he can’t relate to the James Bond character because of the whole “putting on suits and dry martinis” thing.

“I’d like him [if he wore] a tracksuit and a stained t-shirt or something.”

Fallon also asked him whether the UK or US version of The Office was better, and again, Gervais had a quick-witted answer.

“I thought the British ‘Office’ was the best but my accountant assures me that it’s the American version.”

If you want to watch the whole hilarious segment of Gervais settling various debates on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you can do so below.

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