Roger Federer & David Beckham Take Most Stylish Photo Of All Time At Wimbledon

Two of the classiest men on the planet collide.

Roger Federer & David Beckham Take Most Stylish Photo Of All Time At Wimbledon

Returning to Centre Court where we graced 12 finals and won a record eight Grand Slams, Roger Federer, alongside the Princess of Wales and David Beckham, took to the stands of this iconic ground, not to trumpets or ceremonial fanfare, but to the sound of his adoring fans who cheered in adulation as the tennis great emerged, standing tall as the rightful King of Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is certainly no stranger to the glitz and glamour of A-list celebrities seen in the stands of the iconic grass courts. For years, Wimbledon has been one of the most sought-after events in the sports calendar, dripping in prestige and tradition, it’s not uncommon to see the biggest stars in the world, titans of industry and British royalty in equal measure.

Where, for two weeks of the year, the everyday fan can queue – sometimes for hours – for the chance to sit shoulder to shoulder with a Hollywood actor or world-class sports star in the stands, hoping to see some of the best tennis in the world.

Roger Federer received a hero’s welcome when he returned to Centre Court this week; one of the best to ever play the game, Federer retired from tennis a certified GOAT, having won 20 Grand Slams throughout his career, and a record eight Wimbledon titles. Such is Federer’s legacy at this fabled court that the crowd gave him a minute-long standing ovation before the match was set to begin.

WATCH The moment Roger Federer received a hero’s welcome on his return to Centre Court below.

No one could outshine such a man during Wimbledon… Well, maybe there is one man.

No one loves Wimbledon more than David Beckham. The Manchester United and Real Madrid legend has always stayed in the sport since his retirement from football 10 years ago and can be seen year-on-year in attendance at this iconic tournament in South West London.

When he’s not running an entire football club or promoting his own personal brand, Beckham always manages to take some time to visit SW19 to enjoy the world-class tennis on offer. Always impeccably tailored, always immaculately groomed, Beckham can often be seen in the stands waving to his fans.

This year, two of the world’s classiest men collided once more, as Beckham was able to reconnect with his old friend Roger Federer for one of the most stylish crossovers of all time.