Shady Cryptocurrency Lists Ryan Gosling As A Team Member

Seems legit.

Shady Cryptocurrency Lists Ryan Gosling As A Team Member

“Hey girl, you like crypto? You should invest in my company.” (Removes shirt).

That’s probably the angle the founders of MIROSKII were gunning for when they launched their initial coin offering (ICO) complete with Ryan Gosling as its “experienced” in-house graphic designer.

There’s only one issue though. Ryan Gosling is going by the alias of ‘Kevin Belanger’…or perhaps it’s the more obvious fact that MIROSKII is a hoax, designed to scam unsuspecting investors enamoured by the charm of the Gos and boundless riches.

For the crypto uninitiated, an ICO/Initial Coin Offering is where buyers can invest in the cryptocurrency before its official launch. This early bird approach can be beneficial for return on investment if the technology is legitimate and takes off once it begins public trade.

So is MIROSKII legitimate? We’ll let the company profile complete with authentic dodgy grammar answer that question.

“Miroskii Coin is developed and brought to business by the experts from China, Hongkong, Singapore and Japan to ease the crypto revolution in financial products. It is developed under its own highly secure encrypted decentralized blockchain technology. Miroskii coin is been tested, approved and accepted by most of the industry giants who has already started using the MRC (Miroskii Coin) in their closed B2B sector…”

Exactly, real Ryan Gosling. Exactly.