Ryan Gosling's Style Transformation Since 'The Notebook' Will Blow Your Mind

What are those?!

Ryan Gosling's Style Transformation Since 'The Notebook' Will Blow Your Mind

Kids, if you ever needed evidence that the internet is forever, this is it. Welcome to Ryan Gosling version 1.0. Stumbling across this version of the near-unrecognisable Gos is a great way to kick start anyone’s week. Why? Well it validates the belief that no one is ever born a God – even in the style and charisma game. More importantly, a game which most people would think Ryan Gosling was born with.

We present to you Exhibit A.

At the 2004 premiere of The Notebook, Gosling went as a guy who wouldn’t look out of place as the weed dealer at your grade 12 formal (prom for you Americans). Let us elaborate. Since when was it socially acceptable to rock a lung buster on the red carpet? Call him a bad boy, call him a rule breaker, call him this generation’s James Dean…either way it’s hilarious and should never be a part of your celebrity wardrobe inspiration.

Things got even worse though especially if you draw your eyes to the bottom – dirty-ass Converse kicks which look like they’ve earned their stripes on the set of several Avril Lavigne music videos.

And then we get to the suit. We realise fitted probably wasn’t a requisite back in 2004, but this is just plain bad. The trousers are so baggy they resemble bell bottoms, the suit jacket is naturally un-tailored and Gosling seemingly hasn’t done a tie since his high school day. And to top it all off, he’s rocking that one-time wonder known as the emo belt – a excessively studded accessory which made waves in your punk-ass brother’s closet back in the early noughties.

Hair and grooming? Not necessary. 2004 Gosling neither needed to shave or use hair product. Well we guess it does suit the cigarette look.

Hit the gallery to see the other gems that Gosling 1.0 used to champion with pride, then revel in the fact that you can be a style God too as long as you pick clothes that fit and shower at least once every three days.

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