A High End Escort Explains Why She Would Never Pay For Sex

"I rarely have sex in my 'real' life."

A High End Escort Explains Why She Would Never Pay For Sex

Although society is becoming more open minded, people still make various assumptions about sex workers. Samantha X, one of Australia’s most high-profile escorts, is on a mission to change that.

She began her career as a journalist at InStyle, Prevention and New Idea magazines, but switched professions, revealing during a Sunday Night interview in 2014 that she had been working as a high end escort, charging $800 an hour for her services or $5,000 for an entire night.

Since then she has quit escorting for love, gone through a breakup, and starting escorting again.

Using her tenacity (and knowledge of the media) to boost her profile, she has generated intrigue and controversy, written two well publicised books (Hooked – Secrets of a High-Class Escort and Back on Top – Confessions Of A High Class Escort) and built her own escort agency to boot.

While some have attacked her for job choice, to others she is an inspiration—with both men and women worldwide wanting to know her secrets in and out of the bedroom.

But when it comes to her personal life, her approach is actually quite vanilla.

When we asked if she would ever consider paying for sex herself, she responded, “No I have never paid for sex! I would be way too shy!”

“I rarely have sex in my ‘real life,'” she continued, “I rarely have one night stands and would rather wait till I meet someone special.”

“As an escort; I’m supposed to be the kinky one; the one who does nothing all day but live breathe and do sex. But even I couldn’t have sex every day with my husband in my real life,” Samantha once revealed in a blog post.

Also: when it comes to clients, she told us, her job is often a lot more sexually ‘tame’ than you might expect: “I have learnt that men love to talk and need affection (not just sex) more than we could ever know; they get nervous around women!”

“They (men) also need to hear compliments and would rather please you in bed, before themselves. I love men, more so doing this job.”

As to stereotypes about sex work, Samantha believes they are slowly but surely breaking down: “I think the sex industry is becoming more acceptable and that is because of social media (more sex workers have voices and faces and normal lives for you all to see), and more people are talking about it.”

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Criticise the adult industry all you want, but this is the face of a single mother who has just paid off their credit card, put a chunk of cash in their tax account and has a little left over for a nice coffee table. There is NO WAY I would have achieved that on my old wage as a journalist. So for those who think what I do is disempowering, morally questionable, something to be ashamed of blah blah, let me tell you this: I am a financially independent woman. I spend time with lovely gentlemen (as you can tell from my Insta posts on them..). I rarely date in the real world and I work my own hours- a handful of times a fortnight to be honest – and I don’t sponge off some bloke. No one gives me handouts. This job isn’t for everyone, but I was born to do it and it makes me happy. I love men, I love intimacy (physical and emotional), and I love being financially independent. 💪🏼 #business #ownit #womenempowerment

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“With the rise of sugar daddy websites, and younger people getting into those—then escorting is really not much different.”

“For me personally,” she added, “I haven’t experienced much stigma, but I am very open. People love to out and shame those who try to keep it a secret.”

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