Samsung Unveil BMW M Galaxy S23 That Will Never Make It To Australia

The Ultimate Texting Machine.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition and all of its parts.

Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone is already a pretty slick piece of kit… But this collaborative model with BMW’s M division is particularly cool.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is without a doubt the perfect phone for revheads or anyone obsessed with the famous German performance car brand. It’s not just a phone, either – it comes with plenty of goodies.

First of all, it all comes in a box shaped like the original E30 M3, in its iconic ‘Hennarot’ colour scheme. Conversely, the phone itself comes with a case that pays homage to the current-gen G80 M3 and its (somewhat controversial) grille design.

The phone comes pre-installed with BMW’s lifestyle membership app, Vantage, as well as a few exclusive screensavers and a unique boot-up video. Vroom vroom.

WATCH everything that’s included in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition below.

The limited edition also comes with an analog clock you can attach to your car’s air vent, a tiny air compressor, a sunglass holder, a poster, a “We Are M” metal logo and a coffee table book about the history of BMW M, plus a bunch of little BMW roundels.

The best bit? You also get a Starter Pack Voucher for the BMW Driving Center located in Incheon, where a BMW driving instructor will help you really take advantage of your Ultimate Driving Machine.

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There’s a catch though, which you might have guessed from the above: the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is only being sold in South Korea, and for the princely sum of 1,727,000 won (~US$1,360 or AU$1,970).

I could think of worse excuses for a cheeky Korean holiday.