Scott Disick Style: Star Spotted Wearing The Most Controversial Menswear Ensemble Of 2020

Risky... but he pulls it off.

Scott Disick Style: Star Spotted Wearing The Most Controversial Menswear Ensemble Of 2020

An axiom every discerning gentleman should keep in mind is ‘if money can’t buy taste, best not to flaunt it.’

Wearing expensive or outlandish clothes is not the same as dressing well. It’s easy to look like a million bucks on a hundred-dollar budget – and by the same token, just because you’re a celebrity or have spent bulk cash on an outfit doesn’t make you fashionable.

No-one’s told Scott Disick that, however. The American television personality and businessman, most famous for previously dating Kourtney Kardashian, is well-known for his love of expensive clothes as well as the limelight.

Normally strutting about in a suit or shilling his own menswear brand TALENTLESS, Disick posted a photo of himself at a beautiful California beach earlier this week, wearing a risky matching shirt and shorts combination with a tropical print from Saturdays NYC. Disick’s on holiday on the West Coast with Kardashian as well as their three kids.


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Life’s a real beach sometimes

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This post’s been courting controversy (and not just because of the awful dad joke caption). Firstly, Disick’s beachside happy snaps have got tabloids speculating that Disick’s back together with Kardashian – controversial because Disick’s supposed to be dating Sofia Richie (Lionel Richie’s daughter).

Secondly, because the ‘full kit wanker’ matching shirt and shorts combo is one of the most divisive menswear trends of 2020 (even if, we might argue, Disick has managed, in this case, to pull it off).

Disick seems to be taking a leaf out of Cristiano Ronaldo’s book, who debuted a similar outfit – double Louis Vuitton in this instance – earlier this year in June. Looks like Ronaldo’s questionable summer style has crossed the Atlantic and now Disick’s getting in on the action.

That said, we think Disick’s fit makes more sense than Ronaldo’s, because at least Disick is at the beach. A tropical ensemble makes sense when you’re literally in the water – out of context, you risk looking like a kid on their first summer holiday with an outfit like this.

Power to you, Disick.

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