Sebastian Vettel Takes James Bond’s Classic Aston Martin DB5 Drifting At Silverstone

Taking 'shaken, not stirred' to a whole new level.

Sebastian Vettel Takes James Bond’s Classic Aston Martin DB5 Drifting At Silverstone

Image: Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team

It’s been a bit of an odyssey but finally, after a number of delays, No Time to Die – the hotly-anticipated 25th James Bond film and actor Daniel Craig’s last stint as the famous fictional spy – finally had its world premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier this week.

Naturally, the world’s gripped in a bit of ‘Bond fever’, and it’s not hard to understand why: after the nightmare that’s been the last eighteen months, indulging in a bit of escapism into James Bond’s glamorous world is a tantalising prospect. The guns, the suits, the watches, the cars…

Speaking of, the iconic Aston Martin DB5 – Bond’s most famous car and the vehicle most strongly associated with the character – makes its return in No Time to Die, and to celebrate, the Aston Martin team organised a rather exciting vehicular stunt with one of the greatest wheelmen of all time.

Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula One World Champion and Aston Martin F1 Team driver got behind the wheel of a specially track-modified DB5 for some rather spirited driving out at Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix.

Watch Sebastian Vettel drift an Aston Martin DB5 below.

Vettel clearly enjoyed his time behind the wheel of the vintage sports car, the German all smiles with his tongue out during his high-octane. He almost crashes the car during one stunt – seeing as most DB5s command a seven-figure price tag these days, we’re sure Aston Martin were gritting their teeth the entire time.

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Vettel was joined on track by his Aston Martin F1 teammate, Lance Stroll, as well as Mark Higgins, No Time to Die’s stunt driver. While Stroll and Vettel might be skilled at whipping their AMR21 F1 cars around Silverstone, Higgins emphatically showed the two sportsmen up when it came to Bond-level DB5 driving.

Also seen at the track were some other Astons from the film, including a vintage V8 Vantage, a sleek DBS and the as-of-yet unreleased Valhalla, a street-focused variant of the Valkyrie track car. Sadly, we didn’t see the Valhalla get taken out on the track – we would have loved to see Vettel put the hammer down in it…

Watch the full video of Vettel and Stroll driving the DB5 like 00-agents on YouTube here.

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