Why Parisian Apartments Are The Best In The World

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Why Parisian Apartments Are The Best In The World

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Paris seems to divide people; some think it’s the best city in the world, while others think it’s an overrated hodgepodge of rude Frenchmen and dog poo.

But TikTok user, Lili Debois thoroughly enjoys living in the City of Love and especially loves her apartment. In a TikTok video, Lili shows off her apartment which is tiny but has been decorated in a way that celebrates the space (or lack thereof).

In the video – which you can watch below – you can see that while her apartment is small and has odd angles, it also features a working fireplace, an American-style kitchen, lots of natural light and a decent-sized bathroom.

With the caption, “I’m no interior designer but I love my little home in Paris,” Lili has highlighted in her TikTok vid that she’s utilised the space carefully and while her apartment is clearly small, it doesn’t look cramped or unlivable. In fact, it looks cosy and homely.

This got us thinking: despite the fact that Parisian apartments are notoriously tiny and expensive – perhaps there is a good reason they are still so sought after. Perhaps they are even…the best apartments in the world.

Still not convinced? Well, we did some sleuthing on your behalf. Here are a few more reasons why Parisian apartments are the best in the world.

They keep you fit: living in a cramped space in an old building with a barely serviceable lift means you will often find yourself taking the stairs. That’s a win in your legs’ book.

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Parisian apartments also make you more inventive and resourceful (and liable to eat fresh food). Why? Because you don’t have enough space in your cupboard to store heaps of food. So you may as well buy fresh from the grocers each day.

Also, as Snippets of Paris points out, many Parisian buildings are historical and have “old-world charm.”

On top of that, Paris is super walkable. In fact, in Paris, you rarely need to drive or take an Uber (an alien concept to most Sydneysiders or LA residents, and, we would argue, yet another reason Paris’ small, expensive apartments are worth putting up with).

Image Credit: Shabnam Ferdowsi/Hip Paris

Plus, in Paris, you can get extremely delicious baguettes and fine wines for cheap – and we mean cheap: for a good bottle of wine you won’t need to pay more than three euros, which is roughly US$4. Not to mention the abundance of cafes, restaurants, bars, shows, theatres and ballets you can go to in Paris.

The trade-off to all these pros is that you probably just have to settle for an apartment that is barely bigger than a shoebox but hey, if you decorate it as nicely as Lili has decorated hers, you’ll be saying nothing but ‘j’adore’ about it.

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