Simple Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating In Its Tracks

Say goodbye to clammy handshakes and soaked-through shirts.

Simple Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating In Its Tracks

Chafed thighs, jock itch, swamp ass, bacne… excessive sweating is (excuse the pun) the pits. No one likes a clammy handshake or a soaked-through sleeves during an important presentation.

Hyperhidrosis – the spelling bee word for extreme perspiration – is a serious problem that affects millions of men, who sweat four to five times more than normal. If you’re one of them, try these eight tips to stay cooler, drier, and sweat-free when it counts. Your white shirts will thank you.

Cut Back On Caffeine

Your morning pick-me-up can make you clammy for two reasons. One, caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which activates your sweat glands. Two, the heat from the beverage can be enough to make your body feel hot, causing it to sweat to cool itself down. You have three options to solve the problem. One, skip the joe entirely. Two, swap your hot brew for an iced version. Three, get your caffeine fix from a food source instead.

Hold The Heat

Spicy foods have plenty of benefits, but keeping you high and dry isn’t one of them. Spices, like caffeine, can activate your brain’s neurotransmitters, tricking your body into thinking it’s in danger and activating the fight or flight response. The result is a stress-related spike in sweating. On top of that, the capsaicin in spicy peppers triggers a type of nerve ending that responds to warmth, leading your body to think it’s overheating. Its natural response to cool things down? You guessed it: sweat.

Up The Ante With Antiperspirant

Deodorant is only half the battle. Though it will mask the stench that comes from excessive perspiration, it won’t to anything to actually stop the sweat. For that you need an antiperspirant that plugs your sweat glands to actively prevent the drip.

Time It Right

Timing is everything. For an antiperspirant to be most effective, it should be applied to clean and dry armpits at night before you go to bed, giving the active ingredients maximum time to take effect. Apply it during the day, when you’re already drenched, and you risk your sweat washing it away before it can take effect.

Dress Strategically

Stick to cool and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and invest in quality workout clothes with wicking capabilities. Don’t skip socks in closed-toe shoes if you have sweaty or smelly feet – not only do they help absorb sweat, they also prevent your shoes from turning into moist breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. Change your shoes and socks regularly, and don’t put on anything that’s already soaked in sweat. If all else fails, hide the sweat as best you can in dark colours and distracting patterns.

Embrace Your Inner Buddha

Any situation in which you feel stress or anxiety can make you sweat. For a hippie-approved solution, learn to keep your cool and lower your anxiety levels in natural ways. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or any other relaxation technique that tickles your fancy. Regular exercise can also help lower your body’s stress hormone levels.

Talk To A Doctor

For truly sweaty beasts, there are maximum-strength, doctor-prescribed fixes. The least invasive options are prescription-grade antiperspirants and oral medications that block the nerve impulses to your sweat glands. Or, if you’re prepared to go full Real Housewives, talk to a doctor about getting regular Botox injections, which temporarily deactivate your perspiration-producing glands. One treatment should last at least six months.

Take A Cold Shower

Anything that lowers your body’s core temperature will help you stop sweating sooner. For a low-tech, low-cost solution, hop in a cold shower. Dry armpits aren’t the only reason you may be glad you did.