Superman Director Wants A ‘Chris Pratt-Type’ Actor To Play The Man Of Steel

From Super Mario to Superman?

Superman Director Wants A ‘Chris Pratt-Type’ Actor To Play The Man Of Steel

Image: Romer Macapuno

When you imagine the Man of Steel, what do you see? That’s exactly what the director and producers of DC’s upcoming movie Superman: Legacy are trying to figure out. With the hulking Henry Cavill departing from the role, who can fill those handsome shoes? Well, they might have someone in mind…

Much like the seemingly never-ending “will they, won’t they” that surrounds the complex casting decisions for the James Bond franchise, with rumours and denials abound, it seems that the same conversations are beginning to rumble in the DC Extended Universe.

After Henry Cavill – who got unbelievably built for the role of America’s greatest superhero – left the franchise after the release of the previous Superman film amid some understandable controversy from fans, producers were quick to start eyeing up replacements.

And it seems they may have someone in mind… Or, at least, sometype of person in mind for the legendary role that is set to hit screens in 2025.

This week, film critic Jeff Sneider revealed to John Rocha on Hot Mic that the director for Superman: Legacy, James Gunn, is on the lookout for “a young Chris Pratt-type” actor to play Clark Kent, elaborating:

“They are really looking for – the model here – as you might expect it is, particularly these days, is a young Chris Pratt-type. A young farm boy type.”

Jeff Sneider, paraphrasing Superman Director James Gunn

WATCH the podcast discussing the next Superman below.

Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, may not be who you immediately envisage in the blue and red suit – given that he started out his career playing comedic roles before getting shredded and transitioning into his well-paid MCU role over at the MCU, a gig he’d probably not want to give up anytime soon.

However, he does that ruddy-cheeked farmhand look which has only been compounded after taking up an active role on the small farm he shares with his wife and family. In this sense, he would be the perfect corn-fed fit for the role of Clark Kent – if he was just a little bit younger, that is.

Another actor that’s been touted for the role is Zac Efron, who’s also bulked up recently for his upcoming wrestling film, leaving him with a body that could transition pretty seamlessly into some Superman spandex.

Not only is Efron a well-established leading man, but he’s also spent much of the past few years establishing himself as a thoroughly Down To Earth kind of chap, with the help of his eponymous Netflix show (see what we did there?) He may not be a farmhand, but he’s definitely grounded enough to audition.

Zac Efron, who’s now 35, might be too old for the role. Image: Diply

However, the problem that both these actors face is an unmovable one: their age. Pratt is 43 years old and Efron, while younger, is now in his mid-30s. This version of Superman needs to be in his mid-to-late twenties, which basically rules out these two big names.

DC may want a young newcomer for the role and, if that’s the case, a couple of possibilities have been mentioned: David Corenswet and Wolfgang Novogratz. Corenswet is known for his turns in Netflix’s The Politician and Hollywood, as well as for bearing an almost uncanny resemblance to Cavill. Novogratz, at 25 years old, is a relative unknown in the industry, potentially making him a fresh and exciting choice.

For now, the identity of the next Superman remains a mystery, but we’ll be covering the updates as they roll in. In the meantime, if you know any devilishly handsome farmhands who are looking for work then let me know. I might have something for him…