'Swedish Stunner' 60s Volvo Looking For Long-Term Perth Commitment

She's no 'bottle blonde'...

'Swedish Stunner' 60s Volvo Looking For Long-Term Perth Commitment

Single and ready to mingle: the 1967 Volvo 122S. Image: Carsales

Some national stereotypes tinkle truer than others, but one that’s often spread is that Scandinavians are consistently good-looking. Though we’re loathe to parrot tropes… we can’t help but agree: there seems to be an incredible amount of Swedish stunners. And we don’t even mean people…

Koenigsegg make some of the hottest supercars on the market, and Saabs have always been design-forward. Even Volvo’s iconic boxy wagons are attractive, in a utilitarian, ‘anti-cool’ sort of way.

But there’s no subjectivity when it comes to this 1967 Volvo 122S on sale in the south Perth suburb of Riverton. Bright yellow, straight as an arrow, and jaw-droppingly good-looking, this zippy retro runabout is unbelievably gorgeous.

Come on baby, light my fire. Image: Carsales

The seller relates that this “iconic car… featured in Shannons adverts,” and has had over $50,000 spent on it, including new tyres, new carpet, new headlining and a roll bar. It features unique fibreglass flares, but will also be sold with new stainless steel front and rear bumpers if you prefer a more stock look.

As it stands, the Volvo is extensively modified, with a rather international set of parts: Japanese Mikuni carburettors, French Cibié rally lights, Italian Nardi steering wheel and Australian Stratos seats.

Manufactured from 1957 to 1970, the 120 series – also known as the Amazon – was one of Volvo’s most successful cars. Volvo made history with the 120 in 1959 by becoming the world’s first manufacturer to provide front seat belts as standard equipment. The Amazon would also later receive three-point seat belts as standard, another world first.

The 122S was the performance version of the Amazon, this late model in particular also benefiting from the more powerful B20 engine. While it’s hardly going to set the world on fire, only making around 63kW when new, the smile it’ll put on your face will be so huge you’ll hardly notice.

Tastier than IKEA meatballs. Image: Carsales

Some other reasons to consider taking this Volvo out on a date: it’s in perfect running order with no oil leaks to be spoken of, comes with its original manuals, is registered on a full road license, and is listed for only $12,750. That’s cheaper than the cheapest new car in Australia, the Kia Picanto – and while the Picanto’s a fine enough car, it doesn’t have half the charm of this sexy little Swede.

Check it out on Carsales and stop drooling.

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