Sydney-Bound Plane Damaged By Thrown Passengers After Terrifying Nosedive

The ups and downs of air travel.

Sydney-Bound Plane Damaged By Thrown Passengers After Terrifying Nosedive

Image: @RainbowAussie

In a harrowing incident that unfolded aboard a flight from Honolulu to Sydney, passengers experienced sheer terror as the plane encountered severe turbulence, resulting in several individuals being forcefully thrown out of their seats.

Sadly, travel can be full of unexpected incidents. From a man urinating all over business class to a disgusting sock-stuffed seat, from a woman being publicly weighed in the airport to a hostess being beaten with an in-flight phone, the possibilities are endless. Last week, however, a flight headed from Honolulu, Hawaii to Sydney, Australia set a new bar for terrifying travel tales when a severe bout of turbulence found passengers flung from their seats and across the cabin, damaging themselves and the plane as they went.

The incident — which reportedly took place on a Hawaiian Airlines flight before swiftly being posted about on Reddit’s /r/sydney, where it caused predictable and righteous outcry — was captured in a series of images shared by Reddit user /u/RainbowAussie, who documented the damage caused by the chaotic event. Though there may only be a few photos to see, it’s safe to say that they make quite the impact… no pun intended, for the sake of those sore-headed passengers.

The images reveal the extent of the cabin damage, with one photograph depicting a cracked ceiling above a passenger’s seat where their head had forcefully collided during the dive. Another image showcases a bent ceiling panel, visibly distorted from the impact of another passenger. Additionally, a third photo captures a dangling oxygen mask, a grim reminder of the terrifying ordeal endured by those on board.

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Unsurprisingly, given the visceral power of such simple photographs, the thread quickly garnered attention from fellow Reddit users, sparking waves of concern and empathy. The post — which has garnered over seven-hundred ‘upvotes’ in the hours since it was posted — now has a top comment, which neatly encapsulated the shared sentiment of unease and apprehension among future air travellers:

“As someone flying internationally tomorrow, I sure as hell wish I didn’t see this lovely piece of news.”


Further down the thread, another commenter shared a personal account of a similar encounter during their flight from Sydney to Seoul earlier this year, implying that the airspace around the Australian city may represent some kind of unfortunate meteorological hotspot… In her experience, turbulence became so intense that the plane experienced a sudden drop, leading to a passenger sustaining a head injury while attempting to use the restroom. Fortunately, a fellow passenger who happened to be a doctor provided immediate medical assistance throughout the remainder of the flight.

While the description of blood-soaked tissues is a stark but powerful indicator of how dangerous these situations can quickly become, you can always rely on the internet — and, in particular, committed Redditors — to leave a tongue-in-cheek comment that looks to diffuse the situation with sarcastic if somewhat self-satisfied humour. Adding to the discussion, one user quipped: “Not pictured: soiled pants.”

The incident took place on a Hawaiian Airlines plane, travelling from Honolulu to Sydney. Image: CNBC

While the specific details surrounding the incident are yet to be explained — beyond the confines of the thread, wherein several people claimed to have been passengers on the affected flight — it has been confirmed that the flight landed safely at Sydney Airport yesterday evening, where NSW Ambulance reported that twelve passengers were assessed for injuries by paramedics.

All in all, this post serves as a chilling reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel and, don’t hate me for saying it, reinforces the importance of listening to cabin crew and adhering to safety protocols, especially keeping those seatbelts fastened during periods of turbulence.

As they say, life is full of ups and downs. If you’re looking to add either to your next holiday, you can always rely on turbulence to take your air travel experience to new heights… all too literally.