Sydney Sweeney Ford Bronco: Actress Bucks ‘Clichéd’ Celebrity Car Trend

Retro runabout.

Sydney Sweeney Ford Bronco: Actress Bucks ‘Clichéd’ Celebrity Car Trend

Sydney Sweeney – actress, entrepreneur and lowkey motoring enthusiast – has celebrated her 23rd birthday in style, buying herself perhaps the coolest celebrity car we’ve seen this year.

The Euphoria, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and The Handmaid’s Tale star has swapped Porsches for retro panache, sharing shots of her new whip with her 2.1 million Instagram followers: a baby blue first-generation Ford Bronco pickup truck.

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The first-generation Ford Bronco, one of the first modern off-roaders and potentially the coolest SUV ever made, has become particularly hot property in recent years. Sweeney’s Bronco is in particularly good nick and can’t have been cheap – especially considering it’s in the must-have Bronco colour: beautiful baby blue. It would be a sin to have a Bronco in anything else, frankly… like buying a Ferrari in any other colour than red. We applaud her taste.

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grateful for all the birthday love yesterday 🥰

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Normally when you hear about celebrities going out and dropping bulk cash on a car, it’s usually something garish, like Kylie Jenner’s ‘tasteless’ Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Sweeney’s beautiful Bronco lies in stark contrast to the average celebrity SUV – it’s much, much cooler than the endless fleets of Range Rovers and Cadillac Escalades most American celebs fill their garages with.

It’s also refreshing to talk about a celebrity Ford Bronco and not mean the infamous low-speed police pursuit of O.J. Simpson in his fifth-generation Bronco…

Actress Lexi Simonsen also shared this great clip of Sweeney with her beloved pup Tank riding shotgun in the Bronco getting a pat as they’re fuelling up. Dogs + cool cars = a winning combination.

The Bronco, which hasn’t been in production since 1996, is returning in 2021 – an announcement which has got motoring journalists around the world frothing at the mouth. The all-new Bronco returns to its roots as a capable off-roader, with Ford squarely aiming at disrupting the Jeep Wrangler’s market dominance. Like the Wrangler (and the original Bronco), the sixth-generation Bronco features a removable roof, doors and a whole host of other fun off-roading features.

As of yet Ford’s kept mum about whether or not the new Bronco will be sold Down Under, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that Australia will also get the Bronco.

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