Sylvester Stallone Just Got Gifted A $983,000 Richard Mille Watch

Rocky coming through drippin'.

Sylvester Stallone Just Got Gifted A $983,000 Richard Mille Watch

Looks like your Kris Kringle has big shoes to fill…like, million dollar shoes. Sylvester Stallone just got gifted one of Richard Mille’s latest creations in the form of a US$983,000 watch.

Labelled the RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure, the insanely expensive timepiece is a limited edition release with just 20 examples being made available worldwide. The Swiss luxury watchmaker created the RM 25-01 as a tribute to Stallone’s enduring career as Hollywood’s go-to tough guy.

For obvious reasons the watch is totally unapologetic about its brutish design which successfully merges Stallone’s on-screen personas with a touch of Rambo camo alongside his personal pursuits beyond Hollywood.

On the technical front the watch features a lightweight tourbillon movement with titanium components for precise timekeeping without sacrificing wearability. There’s also an interchangeable Carbon TPT bezel which allows Stallone to change the appearance of the watch as he desires depending on his location.

One bezel variant is a bidirectional daytime bezel with 24-hour scale whilst the second features cardinal compass points, the latter of which comes equipped with a Grade 5 titanium lid with a mirrored internal face for easier compass legibility.

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But the real kicker? The watch features five water purification capsules concealed in a Carbon TPT compartment for emergencies. Each capsule will create a litre of safe drinking water within a time frame of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the fluid’s pollutants.

A natural rubber strap in obligatory camouflage is included with the piece.

Not a bad explorer’s watch that took four years to create. Now to find that one million dollar stash we misplaced…

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