Tesla’s Build Quality Exposed By Disgruntled Customer

"Is this acceptable for $155,000?"

Tesla’s Build Quality Exposed By Disgruntled Customer

Image: Tesla

It might be the fastest car in the world, but the Tesla Model S Plaid’s build quality leaves a lot to be desired, as this viral video demonstrates…

A new Tesla Model S Plaid owner took to Instagram to demonstrate how concerning the build quality of the highly lauded performance electric car is, showing how interior components like the centre console, dash and headliner are flimsy, poorly installed and creak when touched.

Even worse than that: the driver’s side door trim doesn’t seem to have properly adhered to the door frame, and the panel gaps on the rear of the car where the tail lights meet the trunk have a panel gap so wide, you can stick a whole pen into them.

Pretty shocking for a car that allegedly cost US$155,000…

Tesla has long faced criticism about its build quality, as well as for its notoriously unhelpful customer service. They’re often called ‘the Apple of cars’ and that’s not actually a compliment.

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It’s a shame because the Model S Plaid is otherwise a rather impressive car. Indeed, it’s the world’s fastest production car by acceleration, capable of 0-60mph in an eye-watering 1.98 seconds, a top speed of 200mph and a peak output of 1,020hp.

Although under the circumstances, being that fast while being that poorly built is a rather terrifying prospect…

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