‘The Office’ Creator Wants The Reboot To Be More Like Star Wars

That's what he said.

‘The Office’ Creator Wants The Reboot To Be More Like Star Wars

Greg Daniels, the famed American screenwriter behind celebrated sitcoms such as King of the Hill, Space Force and, of course, The Office (US), has weighed in on the recent rumours that the beloved series starring Steve Carrell was set to get a remake.

Few shows have had such a seismic impact on modern culture like The Office; a show centred around a run-of-the-mill paper company based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania that developed into a cult classic and one of the most celebrated and quoted sitcoms ever made.

The show, based on the British original of the same name written by and starring Ricky Gervais, ran for nine seasons and has enjoyed an enduring legacy thanks to its place on streaming services such as Netflix and Binge.

For many it became a comfort; one of those series that you’re able to stick on and binge for hours and hours with the same enthusiasm as if watching it for the first time.

Greg Daniels wants to do a spin-off of The Office. Image: NBC

The Office has since expanded into more than 14 countries, with Australia the latest country to pick up the baton more than 22 years since Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s series originally aired.

Rumours of remakes and spin-offs have always followed The US Office since its final conclusion more than 10 years ago; something that’s always been dispelled by writers and stars alike… until now.

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Speaking to TheWrap to promote his latest project, Greg Daniels, writer, producer and director who worked on The Office from its inception, weighed in on the recent rumours circulating that a remake was on the cards.

“I don’t like to think of anything as a reboot, you know what I mean?” Daniels said. “Because I feel like we ended that story beautifully. The characters had closure. I would never want to redo that same show with a different cast, because I think we got the luckiest cast, the best cast ever, in TV, to do that show. So the notion of a reboot is not of interest.”

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Much of the show’s success stemmed from its unique position in time; jokes that have become synonymous with The Office and its many loveable characters, such as Michael Scott’s iconic catchphrase “That’s what she said… wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate for today’s sensibilities – even though it’s still only a decade old.

Daniels added to his idea of a spin-off with The Extended Office Universe and likened new shows to Star Wars, and renewed interest in the Galaxy Far, Far Away following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in late 2012.

“The notion of maybe something like the way The Mandalorian is a new show in the Star Wars universe, you know what I mean? Something like the notion of this documentary crew doing a documentary about a different subject,” Daniels confirmed.

“That, I think, could be intriguing and creative. But I don’t even know what you would call that. I don’t know if that’s like a sister show or something. I don’t know what the term is. But it doesn’t feel like ‘reboot’ would be the appropriate term for that.”