Tinder Is Swiping Right On Spotify Integration

Spotify Tinder Integration

Time to delete that embarrassing Broadway show tunes playlist on Spotify. The music streaming service has partnered with Tinder to bring users together via the power of sound.

“Tinder already suggests matches based on your swiping preferences, mutual friends and common interests, but we know we can always add more to the equation,” announced the Tinder blog. “That’s why we’ve matched with Spotify to integrate music into the swiping experience.”

The collaboration allows Tinder users to share their favourite artists and music preferences from Spotify. If you stumble onto an intriguing Tinder profile with a connected Spotify account, you can listen to previews of that match’s top songs without leaving the dating app. You’ll also be able to see the artists you have in common, so you know where they fall on the Kanye vs. Taylor feud before you swipe.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a song worth? Spotify integration also allows Tinder users to add an ‘Anthem’ to their profiles. The Anthem, according to the Tinder blog, is “that one single track that tells your story. That one song you can’t get out of your head… It may change as you change, but at any given time, you have an anthem—and the world is waiting to hear it.”

Is shared music taste an essential factor for long-term compatibility? Obviously not, but it’s an easy way to make the snap judgements – or snap swipes – that Tinder is famous for. It could also be a cool way to discover new tunes, and a low-pressure way to break the ice with a match.

What will you choose for your Tinder Anthem? Let us know below.