Tom Brady Spotted Wearing One-Off Vintage Patek Philippe Watch Worth Over $1.5 Million

The one flex to rule them all.

Tom Brady Spotted Wearing One-Off Vintage Patek Philippe Watch Worth Over $1.5 Million


Tom Brady might be retired, but his star power still shines strong – and his wrist game is better than ever, with the GOAT confirming that the watch he wore to Michael G. Rubin’s famous 4th of July white party last week was actually an ultra-rare, vintage prototype Patek Philippe Nautilus.

Michael G. Rubin’s 4th of July parties are some of the most lavish and star-studded affairs on the planet. The CEO of sports merch company Fanatics and criminal justice reform advocate is famous for these parties, which he holds every year at his mansion in The Hamptons, and the photos that come out of these parties are absurd.

Naturally, with that much fame and money in the building, Rubin’s white parties are always an awesome watch-spotting opportunity. In 2021, Jay-Z turned up wearing a one-off Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire worth a few million bucks, for example.

But this year, Tom Brady had Jay-Z beat, with the NFL legend wearing a very appropriate white-dialled Patek Philippe Nautilus ‘Jumbo’ (ref. 3700/1) that the man himself confirmed is a piece of Patek Philippe history.

Brady poses with host Michael Rubin, Devin Booker and James Harden at the party.
Brady’s piece unique Patek Philippe Nautilus ‘Jumbo’ (ref. 3700/1), a.k.a. ‘The Albino’.

Simply put, it’s the first-ever Patek Philippe Nautilus with a white dial, as well as the first with a ‘Jumbo’ case. As Sotheby’s relates, an extract from the Patek archives confirms the case as a prototype and that the white dial was hand-made on special request by the original owner. This watch has something of a legendary reputation among watch enthusiasts, being named the ‘Albino’.

Brady actually reached out to the popular watch-spotting Instagram account @insaneluxuryvintage, who misidentified the watch as a later ref. 3800 Nautilus, to set the record straight and confirm that his watch is indeed the Albino – which is in of itself pretty cool.

A piece unique (that is, a one-off), the Albino’s last recorded public sale was at Sotheby’s Important Watches auction back in 2015 for $255,000 USD. However, if Brady was to sell it today, the price in today’s market would be well over $1.5 million USD. Ooft.

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Brady, of course, is well-known as a watch guy and has a pretty enviable collection – including more than a few limited editions. He celebrated his retirement by picking up a very rare IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Tourbillon Hand Wound Squelette, for example.

He was also spotted wearing a rare Rolex Day-Date with Indo-Arabic numerals at the French Open earlier this year, too. We wonder what other treasures he has in his safe…