This Two Dumbbell ‘Circuit Breaker’ Workout Will Absolutely Destroy You

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This Two Dumbbell ‘Circuit Breaker’ Workout Will Absolutely Destroy You

Working out and getting yourself fit doesn’t have to be hard. But we’re well aware that the mere thought of going to a gym in the hope of seeing results is one that is often met with negativity. “What’s the point?”, “I’m not strong enough”; “I haven’t seen results before” are just some of the phrases many of us have likely muttered.

Indeed, if you’re a complete novice in the fitness game, knowing which workouts and exercises to perform can be more confusing than figuring out the meaning of life. Thanks to the internet, however, information is right at your fingertips. Although you shouldn’t trust everyone with 100k followers and a shiny set of abs, you only need to jump onto platforms such as Instagram to find genuinely good content and industry figures to follow (just do so discerningly, or allow us to bring you good recommendations).

On that note: you’ll soon find that there are plenty of easy-to-do workouts that will help you obtain the results you crave.

Case in point: this simple circuit breaker workout recently posted by Josh Goldberg (@bodybyberg). It involves three movements and a pair of dumbbells. What could be simpler?

Urging anyone who wants to try the workout to complete “6 rounds with as little rest as possible in between sets,” Josh’s workout doesn’t even require you to have a huge amount of space, so you can easily perform it in your garden, living room or another spare room in your house.

Check out this circuit breaker workout in the video below.

Josh’s circuit breaker workout comprises the following movements:

  1. Renegade Rows x 15: Starting in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand down by your sides, drop down into a push-up position. Place the dumbbells on the floor (still in your hands) slightly wider than hip-width apart, and perform a push-up. At the top of the push-up, row each dumbbell up towards your hip, alternating your arms, so that one arm (and one dumbbell) stays on the floor. Once you’ve completed a row with each arm, jump back up to standing to complete one rep.
  2. Squat with Lateral & Front Raises x 20: Standing with a dumbbell in each hand down by your sides, perform a squat move – a good squat should see you move as if you were going to sit down on a chair, i.e. push your bum out first and aim to keep your knees from going too far over your toes. Once back standing again, perform a lateral raise: lift your arms up and out to the sides (you can have a slight bend in the elbow) ensuring that your hands don’t go above shoulder height. Next, lift both arms out in front of you to perform a front raises, again, making sure your hands don’t go above shoulder height. Complete all three for one rep.
  3. Weighted Reverse Crunch x 10: A real core blaster, this move requires you to lie down on the floor, but raise your legs and upper body off the ground. Holding both dumbbells with your arms at right angles, bring your legs towards your body and aim to bring your upper body forward to meet them.

Easy to follow, but admittedly not incredibly easy to complete six rounds of, start with a light weight dumbbell to perform this for the first few times. You can even try it without any weight to begin with if you’re a complete newbie.

Aim to complete this circuit breaker two or three times a week, and you’ll soon be able to increase the weight and maximise your gains.

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