Expert Warns Early Hair Loss In Men Could Be Caused By Vegan Diet

Food for thought.

Expert Warns Early Hair Loss In Men Could Be Caused By Vegan Diet

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Bad news, vegetable lovers. There’s new suggestions from an expert who believes that accelerated hair loss in men could be the result of a vegan or vegetarian diet.

It’s a massive call to make but Dr Hilary Jones, a British GP and popular media figure on medical issues, believes that it comes down to meat containing iron which is crucial in aiding hair growth.

The meats that provide high levels of nutrients required for healthy hair growth includes red meat, pork and poultry – all of which are rich in iron. Without this mineral in the body the onset of hair loss can become more prevalent.

“There are lots of factors causing hair loss in men,” Dr Hilary Jones told Express.

“It could be genetic, due to skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, a thyroid issue but also because of nutritional deficiencies. Iron deficiency is a factor in hair loss since it’s necessary for hair growth.”

“With a lot of people shunning meat – possibly due to vegan and vegetarian diets – it is possible people are missing out on the nutrient. It is possible to consume enough iron on such diets, but it’s more difficult and easy to not get enough.”

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Iron rich foods which don’t come from animals include spinach, beans and dried fruit. Dr. Jones added that finasteride oral supplements can also help with men experiencing hair loss since it regulates the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which can damage hair follicles.

With vegan and vegetarian diets embraced the world over for their health benefits alongside major endorsements by celebrities like Jared Leto, it’s going to be a hard ask to see which one men prioritise more – their food or their hair.

Think it’s an easy debate? Think again.

Research from Asda Pharmacy found that 38 percent of men under 35 felt that their hair loss made them feel depressed whilst 26 percent admitted that their hair loss made them more open to drinking and taking drugs.

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