Viral Mile-High Brit Banned, Fined And ‘Didn’t Even Get Her Number’

Wham, bam, there's a ban.

Viral Mile-High Brit Banned, Fined And ‘Didn’t Even Get Her Number’

Image: @VideosIrish

Piers Sawyer, a 23-year-old British man, found himself going viral after being filmed having an intimate encounter at 33,000 feet on an EasyJet flight to Ibiza.

Last week, we reported on the moment that EasyJet cabin crew opened the door on a young couple shamelessly joining the ‘Mile High Club’. While the viral video left passengers in equal measures of shock and amusement, it has also resulted in a fine, ban, and a not modicum of regret for Piers.

On his way to Ibiza to celebrate his 23rd birthday with his older brother, Harrison, and two friends, Pierce initiated the encounter when he noticed a woman seated in the row ahead of him during the boarding of the 7pm flight from Luton Airport on Friday, September 8. The two struck up a conversation and seemed to hit it off, prompting a swift seat swap with Harrison…

As the flight continued, Piers and the mystery woman took their connection to new heights, resulting in a moment that went viral when a cabin crew member inadvertently exposed their escapade.

WATCH: The now infamous incident.

No Contact Details, No Regrets

As reported by The Daily Mail, Piers was unable to secure the woman’s contact details due to being “so out of it” from a day of heavy drinking. He admitted to “thinking about the girl” every so often and expressed interest in seeing her again.

The aftermath of their steamy mile-high escapade was not without consequences. EasyJet promptly informed Piers that he was no longer welcome on their flights. As a result, he and Harrison were unable to board the final leg of their journey and had to spend £360 on a TUI flight to Stansted and an Uber ride home.

A Memorable Mile-High Moment

The video of the incident, filmed on the Luton to Ibiza flight, showed the couple continuing their intimate encounter even after the cabin crew’s interruption. Passengers onboard cheered them on and even applauded the duo as they made their way back to their seats.

Speaking to The Sun, Piers admitted that not only could he not recall the woman’s name — emphasizing that the encounter had occurred after a long day of drinking that began at 10am — but that he couldn’t remember much of the now-viral segment of his day.

Reactions and Responses

Piers’ mother, Elaine, expressed her shock at the viral video and its widespread discussion, including on ITV’s flagship lunchtime program Loose Women. While she found it embarrassing, she maintained that they didn’t harm anyone and the steward…

“Shouldn’t have just opened the door.”

Elaine Sawyer

EasyJet confirmed that the flight was met by police upon arrival due to the passengers’ behaviour; as dictated by section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004, such acts are illegal in lavatories with public access. Bedfordshire Police, responsible for policing Luton Airport, confirmed they were not involved in the response, and it remains unclear whether any arrests were made in Ibiza.

The duration of Piers’ ban from flying with EasyJet remains undisclosed as the airline has yet to comment on the situation.

While Piers may have forgotten his lucky lady’s name, we doubt he’ll forget the fallout of this holiday frolic anytime soon…