Cheap iPhone Screen Repair: Apple Issues Dire Warning For Millions Of iPhone Users

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Cheap iPhone Screen Repair: Apple Issues Dire Warning For Millions Of iPhone Users

Apple launched its newest models to much fanfare in September this year including for the first time ever an iPhone with a Pro designation. The new phones promised all the things that users expect from Apple, with the biggest intrigue being made around the new camera configuration.

Now though Apple has released an official warning which will impact the millions of users that have already upgraded to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max. The new warning will be issued to any user who does not use a certified Apple technician to repair or replace a damaged display. So far nothing too new; users have known for years that using a third-party to fix an iPhone voids the warranty. However now Apple will pin the warning to your screen that reads “Important Display Message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. Learn more.” for the first four days following the repair.

It seems that Apple is genuinely trying to protect its customers as Apple stated that using a nongenuine display may cause compatibility or performance issues. Where it becomes a bit dicey is in the specific wording of the warning, which says “Only technicians who have completed Apple service training and who use Apple genuine parts and tools should replace iPhone displays.” So you could get a genuine Apple display from your repairer but if they didn’t buy their tools from Apple then you will receive the warning message.

Apple is not known for its cheap accessories and its tools are no different and are significantly more expensive than third-party ones. This pushes costs up for repairers which get passed on to consumers and this is part of a wider Apple trend to bring all repairs in house. Repairer iFixit recently called Apple ‘user-hostile’ after a series of changes Apple made that resulted in third-party repairers being unable to do their jobs. iFixit uses genuine Apple parts and said that the company can’t claim using third-party components compromise the iPhone functionality when the genuine parts also have the same problem.

So it seems that Apple wants to control the entire repair process, something that ultimately will end up costing the consumer upwards of $200 for a display repair. Apple fanboys will not be phased by the news but mainstream users who looked towards third parties for repairs may be concerned by the latest news. Regardless the warnings are now live, so buy a screen protector to not be caught out by the new warning.

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