The 8 Weirdest Things Anthony Bourdain Has Eaten

Weirdest Things Anthony Bourdain Has Eaten

Anthony Bourdain may have one of the world’s most steely stomachs, but even it can stumble in the face of bizarre cuisine. Weak constitutions had best bail out now.

As a globe-trotting chef, Bourdain is known as a man who will try anything once and be brutally honest about it. His reputation is so widespread that Piers Morgan once decided to put it to the test, feeding him a variety of unusual foods during an episode of Piers Morgan Live.

Bourdain boldly powered through dish after dish, proving his stomach may be the only thing on Earth harder than diamond. Which leaves one burning question in everyone’s minds: what are the weirdest things Anthony Bourdain has eaten?

The answers are above, if you’re brave enough to find out.