Micro-Cheating: The Modern Dating Sin You Are Probably Guilty Of

"Forgive me Instagram for I have sinned."

Micro-Cheating: The Modern Dating Sin You Are Probably Guilty Of

It’s not an illicit bedroom romp, but it’s nearly as bad. And — like it or not — it’s probably on your phone. And your partner’s. And, come to think of it, most ‘monogamous’ human beings’ digital histories.

Microcheating is the latest term to enter our dating-cabulary and it is as controversial as it is rampant. While some dating coaches call it a sin almost as bad as a full-blown affair, others say it’s more evidence than crime.

Either way, when you ‘innocently’ respond to someone you low-key lust-after’s Instagram story, knowing your partner wouldn’t approve (but heady with plausible deniability) then you, my friend, are microcheating.

Or, as Rachel Lloyd, an eharmony expert puts it: “It might start with a bit of flirting online, and build towards full-blown emotional affairs in the digital environment. The fallout from these situations can be as devastating as a physical affair,” (The Sun).

“Advances in technology and the multitude of available platforms means that people often feel there is endless choice,” she continued. “This choice can sometimes lead people to make toxic decisions.”

“A couple of Instagram likes here and there might not seem so bad, however you need to consider the intent behind them.”

To avoid this kind of infidelity, Rachael told The Sun that worried partners should set boundaries as soon as possible, explaining that clear communication can help avoid any awkward misunderstandings.

As for the one with the wandering eye? Korin Miller, from Women’s Health, once spoke some wise words on this topic; “there can be a serious thrill in exploring [your fantasies] solo—provided, of course, it doesn’t compromise your relationship.”

All up, the simple rule of thumb is this: don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your partner doing — whether online or in real life (and if you honestly think you have different expectations, talk about it).