What makes a woman lose interest in a man

"Everything was always 'fine', when it very clearly wasn’t."

What makes a woman lose interest in a man

Whether it’s during the early stages of a relationship or years down the line, it’s not uncommon for women to lose interest in their male partner. In the majority of cases, any arising issues can be worked on to keep the romance alive and the relationship ticking, but for others, it signals the end is near.

But what if guys had some insider knowledge that they could use to work on themselves and prevent any marriage mishaps? Several women have taken to Reddit to list the qualities they’ve seen in their now ex-partners that caused them to end the relationship for good. So guys, take note and view more as constructive points of criticism than outright flaws.

The biggest trend is when guys don’t talk about their feelings or any potential issues with the relationship. It’s understandable, us blokes are always told we need to be masculine, fearless, and to hide any emotion. It turns out women don’t actually want this. Instead, they want a partner they can turn to and confide in.

One user, Wileydj, says “A sense of optimism goes a long way, but being so positive that nothing ever gets talked about, or not addressing things in a thoughtful way is really disheartening. And in my experience, boring.”

Another user, Asecret8438833 adds:

“This this this. #1 reason my ex-husband and I divorced.. he didn’t talk about anything. Everything was always ‘fine’, when it very clearly wasn’t.”

But it also seems that while not talking enough can lead to a one-way ticket to dumpsville, being overly talkative about unimportant topics can also spell disaster.

Lilipuck says: “Guy I was dating: He texted about 100x a day and was very clingy. Nothing like getting out of a meeting at work and having a bunch of pointless texts waiting for me! “Not doing anything” “Singing while driving” “Where can I get boots” (GOOGLE IT) It drove me up the wall.

Ex-husband: was a mama’s boy who told his mother about every disagreement we had, our sex life, etc. It was terrible.”

Women also appreciate a man with ambition, but only if the guy actually fulfills his promises. This can ring especially true now that we’ve just ventured into a New Year. If you’ve made any resolutions fellas, make sure you stick to them.

Jujugg says:

“He was always super enthusiastic anytime he had something new in mind: “I’m going vegetarian! I’m quitting tobacco! I’m quitting weed! I’m starting X activity! I’m traveling to X country!” (pick one). At first, I really admired this.

He would never follow through with anything though, he just needed a goal for the month until he had a new one. His intentions were genuine but I could not blindly support him anymore after a while. It was like seeing someone fail on their New Year’s resolutions every week, it gets annoying.”

And finally, guys, your lady will definitely appreciate small compliments every now and then. Just make sure what you believe to be a compliment, isn’t in fact an insult.

Bigbaggyjumper explains: “I had a relatively long term boyfriend who always used to point out my negatives a lot. Usually, only little things like ‘you could probably have cooked this steak a little better’ or ‘your handwriting really does look like a 9 year old’s’ and things like that. One day a switch just flicked and I realised I was getting small doses of criticism over any support or praise, and I immediately just stopped liking the guy”

There’s plenty more feedback from ladies around the world on Reddit, and we’re sure everyone can find something relevant to them. With threads like this, we may not need dating coaches at all.

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