What To Wear To A Festival & Concert | Outfit Inspiration

Love DJ Davinci. Love my sweet outfit even more.

What To Wear To A Festival & Concert | Outfit Inspiration

There’s no denying that dressing for a gig is tricky. Dress too flamboyantly and you’ll risk looking like the main act, go to casual and you’ll look out of place in the mosh. Finding that sweet spot is no mean feat. Here, we explain how to dress for the full gamut of concerts, from 2 AM raves to a Chopin concerto and everything in between.

What To Wear To A Rock Concert

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? More like denim, studs and vintage band tees. Rock concerts are an opportunity to let your hair down and go a little wild on the dress front. Think distressed denim and graphic tee shirts plus a well-loved leather biker jacket to top it off. Where possible, aim for comfort (head banging takes it out of you) with slim rather than skinny leg jeans and shoes that are made for stomping. Boots from the likes of John Varvatos or even a classic pair of Docs are ideal here.

For this kind of event, looks to rock Gods themselves for inspiration. Icons like Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen had the rocker look down pat and carried if off with an envy inducing nonchalance. Try for a contemporary take on their looks, playing with the proportion of looser shirts and denim jackets over dark jeans.

What To Wear To An EDM Party

If feeling the bass is your jam, there are a few techniques you can employ to really stand out from the stringlets and bumbags that have become so synonymous with EDM music across the nation.

First and foremost, look for tee shirts or short sleeve shirts that allow you to move. High-street stores like A.P.C and Bassike are a great place to start. 3 hours in, they’re also going to be a lot more comfortable than cheaper poly-blend versions. Steer away from colours that show sweat like marle and pale blue, instead opting for patterns or darker shades of navy. This past Summer saw wide stripes in burgundy, mustard and olive feature heavily as did vintage floral prints. If you’re feeling particularly bold, an EDM gig is also the perfect opportunity to experiment with burnt out cotton tees. More edgy than your standard cotton tee shirt but less distasteful than a chest revealing tank, these are a tasteful way to stay cool in the heat.

What To Wear To A Festival

Splendour, Glastonbury, Coachella – whatever your poison, a music festival demands a wardrobe that can go the distance and withstand the elements. When packing for such an event, think about the weather and where you’ll be staying.

For festivals in warmer climes, look to make a statement with accessories like broad brimmed felted hats and brightly coloured Chuck Taylors. Pair these with either a plain tee or a signature festival shirt. The gent above, sporting a Hawaiian shirt with eye catching print is a great example for colour way and fit, the shirt sleeve hitting just on the elbow. Chillier events require a different approach. However, even if you’re battling against the mud and rain, there’s no excuse not to pull off a good look. Prepare for the worst and pack a solid pair of boots that you don’t mind getting dirty. Hunter gumboots rose to fame at Glasto a few years back and they’re still enjoying their time in the sun (or, perhaps more accurately, mud). Match these with distressed denim, and a patterned shirt worn open over a tee for a fail proof festival ensemble.

What To Wear To A Blues & Roots Concert

If ever there was a reason for double denim, this is it. Blues and roots gigs, whether they be in Byron or a far flung bar deserve a matching dress code. However, there’s a fine line between pulling a country and western look off and looking like you’re dressed for Halloween. For me, it’s all in the quality of your threads and the subtlety of your accessories.

Less is more when it comes to touches of the wild west, so choose sparingly. Have a pair of statement cowboy boots? Keep your jeans and shirt simple, opting for a white button down or pale blue chambray. If boots aren’t your thing, look at a statement belt instead. These little touches will have you looking the part without tipping you into the realm of Cowboy costume.

What To Wear To A Classical & Orchestral Concert

If you’re invited to a classical or orchestral concert, it pays to read the invite closely. Whereas these events were once exclusively black (or even white) tie, contemporary performances are generally a little more relaxed unless it’s a gala or opening night. If you are attending one of these upper crust events, look at a classic tuxedo in either midnight blue or black. To really stand out, look for options with a shawl lapel for a dramatic edge.

For any other concert in this vein, stick with a dark two-piece suit and an open necked shirt or even a sports coat and dark chinos. I’d advise steering clear of lighter colours, particularly if it’s a night time performance. These look more appropriate in the day and lack that hint of luxury you want to embody when at the theatre. When choosing out a sports coat or blazer, opt for wool/silk blends in grey or navy that have a subtle sheen to them.