Poole Island Sells For A Steal At $1 Million

"They loved the joint."

Poole Island Sells For A Steal At $1 Million

Image: Private Islands Online

Ah yes, the private island. The ultimate reserve of the superrich looking to relax, unwind, and – in one notorious case – getup to some less than ethical activities with the guarantee of total privacy However, I’m sure this isn’t the case with the lucky new owner of Poole Island, who snapped up the luxury spot at a bargain price...

Even with Byron Bay experiencing a property slump in light of a celebrity exodus and copycat locations going viral on social media, there really is nowhere quite like the always-luxurious Whitsundays for a premium getaway spot that always costs a pretty penny.

And yet, one lucky investor has managed to snap up a prime piece of Whitsundays real estate at a relatively low price this week after it was listed for sale last month.

Poole Island, a 20-hectare private island located in the northern Whitsundays, has been sold to a South Australian-based real estate agent for approximately $1 million, the Australian reports.

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The island, which boasts two houses built in the late 1800s and 1980s respectively, had gone back on the market after its previous buyer, a West Australian-based investor, went missing after purchasing the getaway spot for $1.2 million…

Since the last sale fell through, agents received more than 300 emails and phone calls expressing interest in the island and sent out over 30 prospective contracts.

Richard Vanhoff, the director of Private Islands Online Australia, said that the new owner plans to refurbish the island and turn it into a family getaway:

“They loved the joint. It’s a beautiful place and with a bit of time and care it will be a fantastic recreational home.”

Richard Vanhoff

Vanhoff said that the buyer, who obviously arrived by helicopter, plans to create an “old vs. modern” approach to the two buildings, as well as a large open deck and cabana around the rock pool in an effort to compete with the very best pools in Queensland.

The island has two properties, which the owner hopes to contrast in a “new v. modern” approach. Image: The Australian

If your wallet’s feeling heavy and you’re looking to buy, Mr. Vanhoff has a number of other Queensland islands on the market.

These include Wedge Island off Yeppoon for approximately $1.95 million, Quoin Island near Gladstone for $1.9 million, the resort of Sweers Island north of Burketown for $3.95 million, and Temple Island south of Mackay for $1.7 million.

Unless my lotto numbers come in this weekend, you needn’t worry about me competing for contracts. However, if you’re ever looking for someone to come and review your region-beating pool, my inbox is always open…