Adam Sullivan Of Evidence-Based Training (EBT) Is Dominating Australia

Listen up, cunnies.

Adam Sullivan Featured

Adam Sullivan, a famous Australian fitness influencer, created the viral “Evidence-Based Training” (EBT) program. Let’s find out more about him.

Working out is something more people consider as time goes by. Regardless of the generation they’re part of, many individuals pay more attention to what they eat, how often they eat, and their weekly exercise routine. This is particularly important now that fitness and gym culture is so huge on social media. There are many influencers who give people advice and provide workout and diet plans to help people change their lives for the better.

One of these influencers is Adam Sullivan. With 545k followers on Instagram and 391k followers on TikTok, Adam is known for his Evidence Based Training program that offers online training and nutrition coaching. On his social media, he often posts details about his personal life, as well as things related to nutrition and exercise. Some posts even feature people who took the EBT program and shared before and after results. 

Perhaps you’ve been a fan of Adam for some time already, or you’ve just found out about him and want to become just like him. Therefore, you may have questions about Adam Sullivan’s net worth, age, career, relationship, and more. This guide is here to offer you the necessary details about the coach so you can get some inspiration and improve your body contour and health condition.

Adam Sullivan Quick Facts

Name:Adam Sullivan
How old is Adam Sullivan?33
Height:5 feet 10 inches / 182.5 cm
Weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg
Net Worth:$3 – 7 million (est based on EBT revenue)

Adam Sullivan’s Age

Adam Sullivan’s Age
Source: @evidencebased_training via Instagram

Many people wonder about Adam Sullivan’s age. Well, Adam Sullivan was born on October 31, 1990, making him 33 years old. Even though he’s very young, and many would think that he’s only been doing this for a few years, Sullivan has actually been part of this industry for over 10 years. Throughout his life, he made it his mission to help others improve their lives, and eventually, he succeeded. 

In fact, Sullivan got into this business when he went to the Gold Coast and saw the fitness industry there, and he knew he could become part of it. He finished his certificates and handed in his assignments, and he was actually rejected by 10 workplaces. Now, he is thankful for it because it allowed him to start his own fitness empire.  

Adam Sullivan’s Background

Everything started with Adam Sullivan’s Gold Coast journey, during which he learned more about the fitness industry. He wanted to join it, so he started training and worked for his certificates. He went for 10 job interviews to become a PT in Sydney and was declined.

Then, Sullivan went to the same gym for around 8 years. Initially, this gym was called Phoenix, but Good Life took over the franchise, so he worked for Good Life afterwards. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, he was already going online with his services.

The gym’s PT manager was one of the people who advised Sullivan and inspired him to become who he is today. The manager told Adam that PTs don’t make money, but businesspeople do, which led to Sullivan changing his mindset. 

During his first 2 years as a PT, Sullivan made around $2,000 – $3,000 a week. At one point, he realised he was not too confident in his knowledge. Therefore, he decided to do exercise science at university for 4 years. University not only taught Sullivan things about his craft but also taught him how to learn and be organised. In the end, this boosted his confidence in himself. 

What made Adam Sullivan switch to online coaching was realising that you lose everything once you leave a physical gym. If you go on holiday, you don’t get paid, and if you move away, everything you build up gets left behind, and you have nothing. The coach went through many moments where he was overworking himself and was busy, and then moments when he took breaks, worrying about paying his bills. 

That’s when he developed a system of selling training and nutrition to his clients with a PT session. He started receiving too many inquiries because his program got increasingly popular after people began seeing results. That’s when he decided to make an Instagram account to benefit from this spike in popularity. 

Soon after, Adam Sullivan began collaborating with a dietician to add more services to his program. Not only that, but he also got one of his old clients to start making nutrition plans for his clients. 

How Much Does Adam Sullivan Make?

According to multiple sources, including Adam alluding to the size of his team, clients and weekly earnings it’s estimated that he’s bringing in about $30,000,000 per annum. Yes, those zeros are right.

His Evidence Based Training business has blown up thanks to his very simple but effective diet and training advice.

Not bad for a Queensland cunny.

Adam Sullivan’s Car & Watch Collection

No stranger to cool cars, Adam has recently been seen driving a bright pink Mercedes-Benz G Wagen and a black Lamborghini Ursus with plates SIKCNT. Jokes.

His watch collection is modest but we’ve spotted a solid gold Rolex Day-Date on his wrist in most of his videos. A very classy watch.

Adam Sullivan’s Evidence-Based Training Brand

Adam Sullivan’s Evidence-Based Training Brand
Source: @evidencebased_training via Instagram

When the EBT (Evidence-Based Training) brand was born, Sullivan had already been working in the fitness industry for some time. He also wanted to create an Instagram account for this brand, so Adam Sullivan’s girlfriend at the time helped him. He told her about his plans to open an Instagram page, and she simply asked him what he wanted it to be called. Sullivan answered, “Evidence Based Training”, and the rest is history.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the gyms were closed, people were looking for an online coach. His website was perfect for the job. Sullivan started to market the brand, and things got better and better from that point. The business went from around 100 clients at the start of the year to around 300-500 at the end of 2020. 

Adam Sullivan’s Girlfriend?

Many people are also interested in the influencer’s personal life and wonder, “Who is Adam Sullivan’s partner?”

A while ago, Sullivan was dating Olivia Mathers – an Australian swimwear model and Instagram celebrity. The two posted many photos together, with one of the most popular ones featuring the couple in Nanuku Resort, Fiji. They looked very affectionate, and it seemed like nothing could ruin their relationship.

However, it appears that the two have broken up. It’s unclear whether Sullivan is currently in a relationship or not, and we also don’t know why the two decided to part ways. Nevertheless, Sullivan will probably reveal his relationship status when it changes as long as he feels it’s okay to do so.

Regardless the man has many women who are trying to court him. Can you blame them?

Adam Sullivan’s Height & Weight

Adam Sullivan’s Height & Weight
Source: @evidencebased_training via Instagram

Adam Sullivan is in great shape, which is to be expected considering his line of work and the fact that he’s been into sports even before this trip to the Gold Coast. The coach measures 5 feet 10 inches (182.5 cm) and weighs around 187 lbs (85 kgs) on average. 

He takes care of himself through a good and healthy diet and an established workout routine. Sullivan also offers people some advice on how to maintain their weight by telling them what to eat for fat loss, what the best exercises are, and how to overcome workout anxiety and other issues. 

Adam Sullivan’s Nutrition Plans

Sullivan’s “Evidence-Based Training” program has different plans that people can choose from to suit their needs. Therefore, whether you want to focus on nutrition alone or mix a new diet with physical training, you can easily find something you enjoy.

His plans include the following:

Nutrition Coaching

This plan focuses solely on nutrition. It is 100% customised and takes place for at least 8 weeks. The plan costs $69 per week. What’s great is that it’s made in such a way that it suits your lifestyle, as well as your likes and dislikes. 

Training & Nutrition

On top of the nutrition plan, there’s also a training and nutrition one that focuses on your diet and physical exercise. Just like the other one, this takes place over a minimum of 8 weeks. It costs $92 per week, and it’s made to suit your abilities and goals.

The EBT program also has an application that offers meal plans and lets you track your training sessions. This app works both on Android and iOS devices. So, when you’re not watching his TikTok for Adam Sullivan EBT house tour videos, you can follow Sullivan’s advice on the app. 


  • Who is Adam Sullivan’s girlfriend?
    Currently, it’s unclear whether Adam Sullivan is dating anyone. He used to date model Olivia Mathers for some time, but the two parted ways after a while. He doesn’t appear to date anyone today.
  • Where can I follow Adam Sullivan?
    Adam Sullivan has different platforms where you can follow him. This includes his Instagram at @evidencebased_training and TikTok at @evidencebased_training. However, you can also check out the “Evidence Based Training” YouTube page or start his programs at
  • How old is Adam Sullivan?
    Adam Sullivan is 33 years old as of April 2024. He was born on October 31, 1990.