Davis Clarke Is ‘Locked-In’, But Who Is The Viral Motivational Finance Bro?

The locked-in King Of LinkedIn.

Davis Clarke Is ‘Locked-In’, But Who Is The Viral Motivational Finance Bro?

Image: DMARGE/Davis Clarke

You’ve seen him all over your social media feed and he’s likely fired you up for another day of creating shareholder value, but who exactly is the ‘King Of LinkedIn’, Davis Clarke?

Viral superstars and part and parcel of modern life and, as time goes by, they seem to take increasingly perplexing, off-the-wall forms. You only need to look at the fame and (small) fortune amassed by UFC mascot Hasbulla or the huge following that very-jacked-21-year-old Sam Sulek has raked in overnight to see that.

Few of these sensations, however, have quite such a natural, dare we say shameless charisma as Davis Clarke, 27-year-old native of Winchester, Massachusetts, USA.

Captivating and inspiring audiences in equal measure thanks to his boundless positivity, bottomless supply of motivational quotes, and what he calls a “locked-in” mentality, his all-too-rare zest for everyday life has seen him quickly build a following that both admires and playfully satirises his dedication to the grind.

Quick Facts About Davis Clarke

NameDavis Clarke
NationalityAmerican (Boston, Massachusetts)
Net WorthGets paid in spreadsheets.
Instagram@davis.clarke (716,000 followers)
LinkedInDavis Clarke

Davis Clarke’s Background

Davis Clarke hails from Winchester, a picture-postcard suburb about eight miles north of Boston. He credits his upbringing in this close-knit community for shaping his positive outlook and strong values:

“It’s filled with great people who have strong values and just do the right thing.”

Davis Clarke speaking to Boston.com

Clarke is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass), where he graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, specialising in finance. During his time at UMass, Clarke participated in a marketing class project that required him to create a social media account through which he could express his core values. The rest, as they say, is history…

Davis Clarke’s Age

At time of writing, Davis Clarke is believed to be 27 years old. However, we don’t currently know when exactly his birthday falls, so he’s liable to turn 28 years old at any time.

Davis Clarke’s Girlfriends And Relationships

Clarke is believed to be single, but we can’t see that lasting long as his incredibly likable personality becomes known to such a massive audience. However, as with any career man, there’s always a risk that he’s just too darned locked-in to even think about coupling up.

Davis Clarke with his family. Image: Boston.com

Davis Clarke’s Job And Career

After graduating, Clarke embarked on his already impressive professional career at Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS), a global fintech company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked from home for three years before joining Citizens Financial Group as a Capital Management Manager in downtown Boston.

He said this of his nascent career:

“Still definitely finding my way in my career, still trying to figure out what life is all about… Just going through the process and trying to have fun every step of the way.”

Davis Clarke

Davis Clarke’s Net Worth

Net worth is notoriously hard to judge at the best of times. This only becomes truer when someone is in the rapid ascendance of viral stardom, with their success leading to fluctuating incomes.

If we had to take a stab at it, we’d say $3 million USD, with at least $400,000 USD landing in his bank account every year as a result of his newly found social media reach.

A screenshot of Clarke’s LinkedIn, complete with suitably pumped-up bio. Image: LinkedIn

Davis Clarke’s Social Media Stardom

Clarke’s journey to internet stardom began simply enough: with a single video posted to his Instagram account; on January 2, 2024, he shared a clip of himself hyping up his morning commute on the MBTA Commuter Rail, which quickly gained traction, garnering over 40,500 likes in less than 8 weeks.

“We thought that that was really big at the time. Now, I mean, some of the videos get millions of views, so it sounds small. But then I realized, OK, maybe there’s something here.”

Davis Clarke

This video was the catalyst for his viral popularity, leading to a series of similarly successful posts that showcased his infectious enthusiasm for office culture.

At the heart of Clarke’s content are his core values: “Help others, do the right thing, and enjoy life every day.”

Davis Clarke’s ‘Locked-In’ Mentality

One particular aspect of Clarke’s repertoire has found its way into common parlance quicker than the rest: his “locked-in” state of mind. Used to describe the feeling of being totally focused on whatever task is at hand, it can be ascribed to tackling spreadsheets, preparing for meetings, hitting the gym, or pretty much anything you please.

Given the extent to which this single phrase has resonated with audiences, you might not think its meaning needs to be spelled out. Nevertheless, the man himself has spoken:

“In one sentence, I’d say ‘locked in’ is just 100% focused on the task that you’re doing,… whether you’re locked in for one minute or 10 hours, in my view it all counts.”

Davis Clarke

His videos usually feature him delivering motivational pep talks embued with that lock-in mentality, encouraging viewers to approach their own lives with the same energy.

Davis Clarke Controversies And Criticisms

Despite his relentlessly positive message, Clarke has been subjected to the same vitriol and playful mockery that goes hand in hand with viral stardom. Critics often question the authenticity of his enthusiasm, with some speculating that his persona might be satirical: “I genuinely can’t tell if this is a bit or not,” wrote one commenter, expressing the views of many.

However, it’s safe to say that the positive comments vastly outweigh the bad…

As such, Clarke remains unfazed, viewing these reactions as an inevitable part of his social media journey, taking it all with a characteristic spring in his step. In fact, in an insightful recognition of how the fickle ways in which social media operates, Clarke acknowledges that these comments have actually contributed to his growing popularity by boosting engagement and visibility:

“That’s probably the number one reason the account started getting more traction, is people would put up negative comments and in some way it boosted the algorithm.”

Davis Clarke

Davis Clarke Runs The Boston Marathon

Perhaps the only mark on Clarke’s pristine white-collar reputation came after a particularly infamous incident during the 2024 Boston Marathon. Despite not training for the race, Clarke completed the marathon in under three hours, an impressive feat by anybody’s measure.

However, the venture was not without a minor mishap… Clarke soiled himself mid-race. Speaking in a post-race video, he gave a wonderfully candid response:

“2:56. I s**t my pants like crazy. I’m going after it. All day, every day for the people.”

Davis Clarke

Clarke’s unflinching honesty only endeared him further to his followers and even garnered a response from Barstool head honcho Dave Portnoy.

Davis Clarke’s Plans For The Future

Clarke remains committed to his core values and continues to produce content that motivates and entertains his followers. “I don’t really have too many goals or plans. I’m mostly taking it day to day, but I just wanna stay true to those values.”

While he acknowledges that his social media fame could be fleeting — again showing an awareness that puts him several steps ahead of many viral stars — Clarke is determined to make the most of his platform for as long as it lasts.

Sharing both the highs and the lows of being the world’s most dedicated employee, he hopes to inspire others to pursue their goals, whatever they may be, with the same relentless positivity and determination.