Logan Paul Net Worth, Girlfriend, Boxing And Wrestling Career

A man never far from controversy.

Logan Paul Net Worth, Girlfriend, Boxing And Wrestling Career

There’s a very good chance you’ve heard the name Logan Paul, but do you know who he is?

Different people may know him for different reasons, as Logan Paul has put his fingers in various online pies over the years in an attempt gain worldwide notoriety.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about Logan Paul, including how he found fame in his early days, his YouTube channel and his high-profile boxing matches.

Logan Paul Quick Facts:

Name: Logan Alexander Paul
DoB: April 1st 1995
Nationality: United States
Height: 6ft 2in
Net Worth: $50 million
Instagram: @loganpaul – 25.2m followers
YouTube: Logan Paul – 23.6m subscribers

Who Is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul is a YouTuber, actor and social media personality who first found fame on the former video-sharing platform, Vine. Before becoming one of the most viewed personalities on YouTube. He also has a number of acting credits to his name, and more recently, has turned his attention to boxing. However, he has so far only participated in one boxing match, which he lost to British YouTuber and rapper, KSI.

Following his quick success on Vine and YouTube, Paul dropped out of Ohio University, where he majored in Industrial Engineering. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his social media career and moved into an apartment complex with other high-profile Vine personalities.

Logan Paul Vine

Logan Paul began posting videos to Vine in 2013 and quickly gained a strong following. Because of this strong following, his six-second Vine videos began earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.


Paul then turned his attention to YouTube in October 2013, registering the channel ‘TheOfficialLoganPaul’.

He created a new YouTube channel in August 2015, ‘Logan Paul Vlogs’, which now boasts over 23 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion views, making it one of the most viewed YouTube channels ever.

Logan Paul Movies & TV Shows

Paul has appeared in a number of films and television shows, usually as cameo appearances, but occasionally as the main star. He has appeared in The Thinning and its sequel, The Thinning: New World Order, which were both YouTube Premium exclusive movies.

Other movie credits include Can’t Take It Back, Where’s the Money, Airplane Mode and Valley Girl.

His television roles include appearances in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, in the 2015 episode “Intimidation Game,” along with appearances in a number of WWE events in 2021 and 2022.

How Much Is Logan Paul’s Net Worth?

Logan Paul has a net worth of $50 million as of 2023. The website cites his clothing label, Maverick Apparel, as generating more than $40 million in sales, and that he earned $5.25 million from his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Profits from his energy drink – Prime – are also thought to be huge.

Who Is Logan Paul’s Girlfriend?

Not a huge amount is known about Logan Paul’s private life, however, the man himself did make comments in June that could indicate he is dating model Brooke Burke.

He has previously been in relationships with Chloe Bennett, an actress who has appeared in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and he has also previously been linked to model Chantel Jeffries, actress Alissa Violet, actress Teala Dunn, model Jessica Serfaty and social media star Amanda Cerny.


Logan Paul - Engagement
Image: @loganpaul

He engaged Nina, his girlfriend, now his fiancée, in mid-December.

Logan Paul’s Boxing Career

Amateur Career

KSI vs. Logan Paul

Back in February 2018, KSI challenged Logan Paul to a boxing match on YouTube after his white-collar amateur boxing match with Joe Weller.

The Paul brothers agreed to take on KSI and his younger brother, Deji, in two white-collar boxing matches later that month.

The first match ended in a draw with two judges scoring the fight even at 57-57 and one judge scoring 58-57 in favour of KSI.

Professional Career

KSI vs. Logan Paul II

In September 2019, Logan Paul made his professional boxing debut in a rematch against KSI, which was scheduled to take place in November at the Staples Center.

During the UK press conference for the rematch, Paul caused controversy by accusing KSI of having five abortions and suggesting he might return the favour by killing him. Paul’s comment received criticism from abortion rights activists, while anti-abortion activists came to his defence.

Paul later apologised for his remarks. KSI won the rematch via split decision, which consisted of six three-minute rounds.

logan paul boxing
Paul shocked the world with a crazy body transformation before entering the ring. Image: DAZN

Exhibition Bout

Mayweather vs. Paul

In December 2020, it was announced that Logan Paul would face former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout in February 2021. The fight was later postponed and took place on June 6, 2021, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

During the press conference in May, Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, got into a brawl with Mayweather after he removed Mayweather’s hat.

The exhibition bout consisted of constant clinching initiated by Paul and went the full distance, with no winner being announced. However, Mayweather’s superior boxing was reflected by punch stats…

In his post-fight interview, Mayweather praised his opponent, while Paul appeared to harbour some doubt about how seriously Mayweather had taken the fight.

Image: @loganpaul

Logan had a boxing match with Dillion Danx which he won due to Dillion’s disqualification. After the match, he motivated folks to eliminate the devil the same way he eliminated Danx. Logan also spent time with Israel learning how to kick in addition to his boxing skills. Logan and his brother, Jake, shared a picture while Logan announced his brother’s return to boxing.

Logan and Boxing
Image: @loganpaul

Logan Paul Wrestling Career

In 2021, Logan Paul popped up on WWE SmackDown as Sami Zayn’s guest for his documentary premiere. Then, Zayn asked Paul to join him at ringside for his WrestleMania 37 match against Kevin Owens. After Owens beat Zayn, Paul partied with Owens but got stunned by him.

Later that year, Paul returned to WWE on The KO Show as Happy Corbin’s wingman. They both went after Kevin Owens together.

In 2022, WWE Raw announced that Paul would team up with The Miz for WrestleMania 38 to face Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio. Paul and Miz won against the Mysterios, but after the match, Miz attacked Paul.

Shortly afterwards, Paul signed a contract with WWE for multiple events. He took down The Miz at SummerSlam and challenged Roman Reigns on the September 16 episode of SmackDown.

They battled it out at Crown Jewel on November 5 for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, but Paul lost even though his Impaulsive gang and his brother Jake got involved. Nonetheless, critics praised his wrestling skills.

Paul took some time off after getting hurt but came back at the Royal Rumble in January 2023, and gave Seth Rollins the boot before Cody Rhodes tossed him out.

At Elimination Chamber on February 18, he sneaked into the Elimination Chamber match and foiled Rollins’ chances of getting the United States Championship. On March 6, a match between Paul and Rollins was arranged for WrestleMania 39.

logan paul wrestling
Logan Paul strutting his stuff with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania38. Image: WWE

In April 2023, he renewed his contract with WWE CCO, Triple H. The WWE star had a match with Rey Mysterio for the United States championship in November 2023. Though he won and claimed the title, he still respected legend, Rey Mysterio.

Logan and Wrestling
Image: @loganpaul

Later, he defended the belt against WWE’s Kevin Owens and won. His relationship with Randy Orton soured while trying to advertise his Prime drink at WWE. He almost got RKO’ed but managed to escape. Logan posed with Central Cee and Rafael Leao later on. Logan is known for his brass rings, which he wears to effect punches during his matches. Even though it is clearly against the rules, he still manages to scale through.

In April 2024, Logan defended his US championship in the just concluded WrestleMania, the official sports event of WWE. He was up against his arch-nemesis, Randy, and Kevin Owens. Despite the triple threat match, he came out victorious.

Logan Paul Health Issues

During an episode of Impaulsive, Paul revealed that he tore the cartilage in his knee from a football injury that made him stay home from school for three months.

In February 2019, he talked about having long-term brain damage from playing high school football. Dr. Daniel Amen diagnosed him and said it affects his ability to empathise and connect with others on a human level.

Plus, when he was filming a Vine video in 2014, Paul attempted a stunt where he landed on a chair but ended up crushing his right testicle. Ouch.

Logan Paul Controversies

Suicide Forest Controversy

Logan Paul’s December 31, 2017 vlog showed a dead man who had hanged himself in Aokigahara, also known as the “suicide forest” in Japan.

The video was intended to be part of his “Tokyo Adventures” series, but after discovering the body, he cancelled his camping plans and notified the authorities.

The video gained 6.3 million views within 24 hours, but was heavily criticised by celebrities, politicians, and other members of the YouTube community for being insensitive to suicide victims. Paul was also criticised for other misbehaviour during the trip.

Following the backlash, Paul removed the video from his YouTube channel and issued apologies on Twitter and in a subsequent YouTube video. YouTube issued a statement condemning the video, and on January 10, removed Paul’s channels from its preferred ad program and halted the release of his YouTube Red series and other projects.

Paul donated $1 million to suicide prevention agencies and hired someone to improve his reputation. He returned to daily vlogs on February 4, and on February 12, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that Paul did not violate YouTube’s policies and would not be banned from the platform.

Additionally, Paul’s clothing line, “Maverick by Logan Paul,” faced legal action from Maverick Apparel for causing a decline in sales due to confusion between the two brands.

Tide Pod Controversy

On February 9, 2018, YouTube suspended ads on Logan Paul’s channels after he made a joke about the Tide Pod challenge, removed a fish from his pond to “jokingly give it CPR,” and tasering two dead rats.

This led to a temporary halt in his revenue, and he turned to Twitch for live broadcasting. Ads were restored to his channel two weeks later, but he was still on probation for 90 days.

Comments on Homosexuality and Flat Earthers

In November 2018, the first episode of Impaulsive was aired, and in January 2019, Logan received widespread criticism for implying that being gay is a choice on his podcast. He also released a mockumentary about the Flat Earth Theory in March 2019.

Pearl the Pig Controversy

In January 2023, Logan was criticised for abandoning his former pet pig named Pearl, who was found with a potentially life-threatening uterus infection. Logan denied any wrongdoing, stating that he responsibly re-homed the pig in 2021 when he moved to Puerto Rico and was unaware of her subsequent rehoming.

logan paul and pearl the pig
Paul and Pearl during happier times. Image: BBC

Logan Paul and KSI: Prime

Logan Paul and KSI launched their beverage brand, Prime Hydration, in January 2022.As of January 2023, Paul announced that the brand has earned US$250 million in retail sales globally, with US$45 million of those sales occurring in January 2023 alone.


Logan Paul - Prime
Image: @loganpaul

Logan launched his sports hydrating drink named Prime, containing only 10 calories. He welcomed Israel Adesanya and Alex as faces of Prime. Prime became the official hydration drink of Barcelona as well. 

Prime also partnered up with the Lakers, WWE, and Toronto Raptors. Devon Judge and Cody were also signed on as ambassadors. He celebrated reaching 1 million sales of Prime by organizing a $500k contest for fans in New York and London. The brand partnered with Terrence Crawford and Shakur Stevenson for promotions of the drink. Prime also signed Alisha Lehman as an ambassador. To prepare for 2024, the cherry freeze variant was released in December 2023.


Logan hosted Kevin Hart on his show, IMPAULSIVE, referring to Kevin’s height as half. He also hosted Randy Orton on the show, analyzing how the RKO came into existence among other topics. He also had John Cena, one of his favourite persons, as well.