Travers Beynon Net Worth, Age, Wife & Fun Candyman Facts

Think Hugh Hefner, mixed with Dan Bilzerian and give him an Australian accent.

Travers Beynon Net Worth, Age, Wife & Fun Candyman Facts

Travers Beynon is an Australian businessman, husband, father and playboy who lives on the Gold Coast and could well be Australia’s best answer to Dan Bilzerian. He also lives in what he has dubbed “The Candy Shop Mansion,” with his wife, children and girlfriends and has earned himself the nickname “The Candy Man.”

So, who is Travers Beynon, what is his net worth, who is his wife and what exactly goes on in his house? Read on to find out.

Travers Beynon Quick Facts

Name:Travers Luke Beynon
Age (DOB):50 (6 March 1972)
Height:6 ft 0 in / 1.83m
Weight: 87kg (estimated)
Net Worth: $200 million (estimated)

Who Is Travers Beynon?

Travers Beynon is an Australian businessman who was born in Melbourne, Australia to parents Trevor and Sandra Beynon on the 6th of March 1972. His parents founded Freechoice Australia, which is now the leading tobacconist franchise in Australia with 294 stores nationwide. Travers now runs the company as Managing Director.

Travers is said to have attended Clairvaux College in Brisbane and played AFL (Australian Rules Football), eventually joining the Southport Sharks Football Club on the Gold Coast. Travers was signed by the North Melbourne Kangaroos for the 1989 season, but a back injury saw him sit out the entire season. After a move to the Brisbane Lions, Travers decided to retire from AFL, due to his injury.

After a brief modelling career, Travers took over management of Freechoice and his lavish lifestyle took off in a big way.

The Candy Shop Mansion

The crested gates of Candy Shop Mansion weigh over 2 tonnes. Image:

Travis Beynon’s Candy Shop Mansion can be found at 36 River Cove Place, Helensvale, an exclusive gated community of 33 luxury homes. Travers bought the home in 2010 and at the time, it featured 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. He bought a neighbouring section in 2014 and set to work on a three-year renovation production.

The Candy Shop Mansion now features 15 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, 4 kitchens, a ballroom, gym, gentlemen’s club, 15 seat cinema, pool, steam room and solarium.

The 250,000-litre infinity edge pool at Candy Shop Mansion. Image:

According to Travers’ official website, The Candy Shop Mansion was named as such because “when you create a party palace and mega-mansion for your family that is all about entertaining and the sweeter things in life then why not call home “The Candy Shop Mansion” (“Candy” synonymous with the sweet things in life).”

The Candy Shop Mansion throws regular parties and is the permanent residence of Travers, his wife and family, and all his girlfriends, so there are girls in bikinis roaming the grounds on a regular basis.

Think of it as the Australian Playboy Mansion, if you will.

Candy Shop Mansion For Sale

It was reported in December 2023, that the Beynons were putting the infamous Candy Shop Mansion on the market. They are expecting a baby boy in 2024, and see the new child as an opportunity to embrace a new, probably more conservative lifestyle. Travers has also been noticeably absent from Instagram since September, 2023.

Not living in the Candy Shop Mansion or any other extravagant property will mean fewer parties, and definitely not as many girlfriends living with the couple. Reports indicated that there was already serious interest from others looking to purchase the house for its estimated cost of U.S.$20 – $25 million, but we have no information on whether it has been sold.

Travers Beynon Wife & Family

Image: @traversbeynonofficial

Travers Beynon is married to his wife Taesha Beynon and he is a father to four children. Two children he had from a previous marriage (and he now has sole custody) and his two youngest have Taesha as their mother.

His now-19-year-old daughter later revealed that Travers is not probably who you’d imagine as a parent. She said that he taught her the value of money by making her work at a McDonald’s when she was 15 years old. He then taught her to save 80% of her earnings, respect her elders, and was very strict.

Travers is family-oriented. He sees his family as the core of every successful individual. He firmly believes that no family means no success. He holds birthday dinners for both of his daughters and organizes regular family meetups for his girls, including trips to the beach, pools, restaurants, and daddy/daughter dates. His son is not left out, as he bikes with him as well. Travers is totally invested in his children’s lives and carries out the role of a father excellently.

Queensland is one of the homes of his date nights, and his significant other is not left out in the beautiful bonding moments with the family. He takes her out on dates. In 2024, he treated her to an Arabian date night. They explored the springs and luxuries of the Maldives.


Travers also has a number of girlfriends that live in the Candy Shop Mansion with him, and he even has a contact form on his website for aspiring women to apply to be a live-in girlfriend (and who said chivalry was dead?).

Owing to the age we live in, Travers says “to become a girlfriend is not much different than a new courtship between any other 2 people. After submitting the application Travers will make initial contact via Instagram.” Because most people meet on social media these days, right?

There are strict criteria you must fulfil to become one of Travers’ girlfriends, which state that “not only must you be attractive to be considered as a girlfriend, but you must be fun, bubbly, out-going, spontaneous, adventurous and respectful to everyone.”

According to LadBible there are also strict rules Travers instils when living in the mansion, with the most important being that everyone gets along as a family,

“We have a compulsory family dinner on Sunday nights with everyone and we all sit down we fill two large tables and I take everyone’s mobile phones and put them in another room,” he says.

“We get takeaway because it’s our one night takeaway we all sit there – the young kids, the older kids, the girlfriends, the wife.”

And, owing up to his playboy lifestyle, Travers, his wife and his girlfriends all engage in various ‘bedroom antics’ together. He told LadBible, “She [his wife, Taesha] remembers one point where it just turned sexual and about 10 to 12 girls all jumped on me. And my wife told me that she couldn’t actually see me under the pile of girls, she said it was almost like I was being eaten alive.”

Travers Beynon Net Worth

Travers Beynon’s net worth is an estimated $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The majority of his wealth comes from the Freechoice tobacco franchise, which turns over revenue of around $250 million per year.

Travers Beynon Cars

Travers with his Lamborghini Aventador. Image: @traversbeynonofficial

Naturally, being a multi-millionaire means Travers owns a rather enviable car collection. His first car purchase was a Ferrari F430 and since then, he as added several more. Travers’ car collection includes:

  • Ferrari F430
  • Lamborghini Aventadorr
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Mercedes AMG G63
  • Audi Q7

Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Mercedes and more Ferraris to his collection.

He also owns a cigarette boat with two 1,000hp engines, that received a complete refurbishment, including a brand new paint job and ‘The Candy Man’ emblazoned all over. You can watch a video of the refurbishment project, here.

Luxury and Taste

Travers is deeply rooted in exquisite dressing as a means of making a statement. He quotes a lot from designer Tom Ford. He believes in creating his own system rather than following already laid down systems. According to Travers, consistency, focus, and hard work are ingredients of success that can place you five years ahead of your colleagues. He encourages people not to be scared of failure but to be scared of remaining in the same spot for a year.


He also spends hours at the gym building his body in luxury. He claims style is knowing who you are while working towards your goals.


Travers is known for his love for suits, tuxedos, and bikes. In 2024, he welcomed a son, which led to his decision to sell his mansion named the Candy Shop. According to his real estate agent, he’d like to sell the mansion and move to a more appropriate place for his son – a child-friendly place, precisely. The Candy Man is definitely big on family and luxury.