German Woman ‘Ripped Off Her Clothes’ & Bit Police Officer Before Being Dragged From Flight

Shedding clothes and inhibitions alike.

German Woman ‘Ripped Off Her Clothes’ & Bit Police Officer Before Being Dragged From Flight

Image: Romer Macapuno

Munich Airport witnessed an extraordinary incident last week as a disruptive young woman caused a major delay to a flight bound for Sofia. The 27-year-old passenger, whose identity remains undisclosed, caused quite the barefaced commotion by removing all her clothes in a fit of rage before being forcefully removed from the aircraft…

Sadly, flying can be full of unexpected humiliations and confrontations. From a man urinating all over business class to a disgusting sock-stuffed seat, from a woman being publicly weighed in the airport to a hostess being beaten with an in-flight phone, the possibilities are endless. Last week, however, a young German woman took things to unprecedented new heights by stripping herself naked and causing a ruckus on a Lufthansa plane before unleashing her rage on local law enforcement…

According to a statement released by the German federal police, the unsettling episode unfolded on Friday evening aboard a plane just moments before its scheduled departure. The woman stunned fellow passengers and crew members alike when seemingly unprovoked she proceeded to strip naked and unleash piercing screams that, presumably, echoed quite profoundly in the tight confines of the aircraft cabin. Perturbed by the unsettling turn of events, authorities were immediately alerted.

Despite their best efforts, authorities found it surprisingly challenging to pacify the agitated passenger or persuade her to don her freshly discarded clothes. Recognising the need to address the situation swiftly, a federal police officer approached the naked woman, attempting to provide her with a blanket for modesty. Unfortunately, the encounter took a violent turn when the woman unexpectedly sunk her teeth into the officer’s left forearm.

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It’s unclear exactly how the affected officer responded, with a statement from police using the ambiguous if intriguing term “immediate coercion” to describe his disengagement efforts.

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Given the difficulties faced by police, multiple emergency services were quickly summoned to the scene. With their assistance, the woman was eventually, forcibly removed from the plane. She was then escorted to the Taufkirchen district hospital by state police officers for a psychiatric evaluation and resulting treatment. An incident report filed out shortly after the incident charges the young woman with resisting law enforcement officials, assault, and causing bodily harm.

Not only was the officer who fell victim to the bite unable to continue with his duties, having to seek emergency medical attention shortly after the event, but the flight itself was delayed for a soul-destroying three-and-a-half hours, with the Sofia-bound passengers understandably taking this news pretty badly.

The baffling incident took place on a Lufthansa plane in Munich, destined for Sofia. Image: Reuters

While the woman’s motivations ultimately remain unclear — with investigations to determine them ongoing — the incident has sparked discussions about the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of both passengers and crew members during flights, as well as the challenges faced by law enforcement in managing such unpredictable situations.

While we wish the offending passenger well, along with the brave officer who’ll doubtlessly have a pretty unique scar to show for his efforts, this story does reveal a strange but naked truth: you should always expect the unexpected, especially if someone seems to be shedding their clothes along with their inhibitions.