World’s Most Disappointing Travel Destinations Revealed: Avoid At All Costs

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World’s Most Disappointing Travel Destinations Revealed: Avoid At All Costs

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We’ve long been on the lookout for some of the travel industry’s bests and worsts. Take this business class layout with “coffin seats” or this first-class meal choice as prime examples. This week, however, we’ve uncovered the contenders for the world’s worst — or, at least — most disappointing travel destinations.

You can always count on Reddit to provide a wide array of travel tales told with unashamed honesty, and that’s exactly what we got when someone took to the famous r/AskReddit page to ask: ‘What city disappointed you the most when visiting?‘ Some of the answers are absurd, others are downright terrifying. Across the board, they are disappointment embodied.

What city disappointed you the most when visiting?
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The top comment had every right to be there. While we in no way mean to suggest that the entirety of Rio — a wonderful city by many accounts — will deliver this kind of experience, the brevity of the comment gave it a comic edge that was hard to resist:

“Got shot 5 minutes after arriving in Rio.”


Next up was a North African city that has long had a bad reputation for taking advantage of tourists, even if it does boast some of the most stunning, ancient artefacts on earth:

“Cairo: this was 2009 so some important things have changed but the country and people were so desperate for tourist dollars that it felt impossible to go anywhere or enjoy anything without feeling like you were being scammed… Also everywhere smelled like cigarettes and there was trash all over the streets.”


The theme of unending hassle from overenthusiastic locals was a theme that came up again and again. While we totally understand that locals want to turn a quick buck from tourists who, despite their pleas otherwise, often have the money to spare, it can throw the vibe of your trip right off:

“That’s my experience and attitude toward Jamaica. The tourist experience was so bad as to make me never want to go back again. An unending horde of locals constantly hounding you for dollars.”


One that really caught our eye was the home of one of the world’s most photographed spots — Pisa, in Italy. While many assume that, due to the tower, the city must be a hub of Renaissance culture and attractions, it’s actually very light on things to do compared to its big brother just down the road, Florence:

“Pisa, Italy. Aside from the tower and Cathedral, there is nothing to do. Pisa is a day trip, don’t be like me and book 3 nights there.”


Finally, we wanted to include a more local destination for any of our American readers thinking of taking a trip domestically. While Arkansas boasts a lot of fascinating history and, by many accounts, some near-unbeatbale natural beauty spots, Redditors found that its largest city just didn’t cut the mustard:

“Little Rock, AR: My expectations were low, but f***, what a dump. Even the Clinton library looked like a double wide trailer…”


Where’s the most disappointing place you’ve ever travelled? Does it feature on this list, or do you want to expand our database of disappointment? Let us know.