Man Stranded Overnight Stuns Internet With Pictures Of World’s ‘Prettiest’ Airport

Pretty... or pretty spooky?

Man Stranded Overnight Stuns Internet With Pictures Of World’s ‘Prettiest’ Airport

Image: DMARGE/Reddit

We’ve long been on the lookout for some of the travel industry’s bests and worsts. Take this business class layout with “coffin seats” or this first-class meal choice as prime examples. This week, however, we’ve uncovered a surprise contender for the world’s ‘prettiest’ airport.

Posted to Reddit’s r/pics subreddit by user u/galby2011 — who found themselves unexpectedly stuck in Bozeman Airport overnight — not only had the chance to appreciate the airport’s seemingly lustrous architecture for an extended period of time… but had the privilege of doing so totally alone.

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You might find yourself wondering exactly how someone gets themselves into this kind of perculair situaiton… and you’re not the only one. Luckily, after many commenters asked the question in increasingly frustrated terms, the original poster came back with their answer…

“I had to arrange personal transportation that got me into town at 10pm that night and I had to be [back] at the airport at 4am… so I just stayed there and nobody bothered me.”


Once this issue had been settled, praise came pouring in for the airport itself. Overall, commenters seemed to love its dark wood details and stone architecture, somewhat reminiscent of the all-American hunting lodge:

“TIL: the Bozeman airport is just an oversized hunting lodge which may or may not contain a Cinnabon.”


It was so beautiful, in fact, that the original poster gave it a rave review, despite having nowhere decent to lay their weary head:

“I give the floor I slept on a 4 out of 5 stars.”


While the general sentiment amongst commenters seemed to be that the airport was dazzlingly pretty and surprisingly ‘cozy’ in equal measure…

“That is one pretty airport.”

I got stuck in Bozeman Airport overnight by myself
byu/galby2011 inpics

There were, naturally, one or two dissenters, who found the whole thing closer to pretty-darn-spooky than pretty per se. Given that the poster was, so far as they could tell, totally alone in a space that you would usually associate with bustling activity and vast swathes of human bodies, we can somewhat understand the following eerie comment…

“You’re either in The Langoliers or The Night Flyer but definitely Stephen King territory…”


Would you consider a night in Bozeman Airport something of an unexpected blissful retreat? Or more of an uncanny nightmare made real? Let us know.