Zac Efron Has Perfected The Sleazy 80s Popstar Look & You Should Be Afraid

The 80s is that way, man.

Zac Efron has been somewhat of a chameleon in recent years. Since bulking up for Baywatch the 31-year-old American actor moved onto dreads before resurfacing from hiatus onto his current look. And what is this current look? An odd amalgamation of a pretty boy with a dash of sexed-up 80s pop star.

In his latest sighting Efron combined his bleached blonde hair and darker facial hair features with a fitted teal suit and brown lace-ups. The tie itself is a talking point with cats floating around in space through tropical colours. We have no idea what aesthetic Efron is trying to nail here but we can agree that it suits the his choice of grooming.

Teal was probably the right choice if he was going for eye colour pairing. Also note the absence of a watch, pocket square and tie bar. It’s a more basic suiting look which works well for Efron’s laid back demeanour.

And if you needed proof that Efron has gone full 80s popstar, here it is. Justin Timberlake championed the look for The Lonely Island years ago. The only difference? That was a joke.

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