Abandoned Graveyard Where Classic Ferraris Have Gone To Die

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Abandoned Graveyard Where Classic Ferraris Have Gone To Die

Graveyards aren’t the most festive of places to begin with but when they involve over ten of Maranello’s finest abandoned in a U.S field, it’s sure something to mourn over.

How did the Italian exotics end up here? The story uncovered by Silodrome is one etched with both tragedy and bad business practice. The cars belonged to an attorney who was a collector with a portfolio that included Porsches, a Lotus and a Lamborghini. He eventually moved onto Ferraris and ended up with 13 of them which included a Testarossa, a 308 Quattrovalvole, a 400i, at least two 328s, at least three 348s, and a small number of Mondials.

The owner was struck with illness and in 2011 and agreed to put the cars into a secure storage warehouse with a friend. His condition eventually worsened and he missed a few payments as the cars were subsequently moved out into the field you see before you. As a kick to the teeth, once the payments were back paid, the cars were never moved back into storage and left to rot outside for almost a decade.

Of the 13 Ferraris two went missing and have never been accounted for leaving just 11 behind. The family has since commissioned Paul Cox, a well-known figure in the local Ferrari community, to help sell off the cars to those capable of giving them a brighter future.

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