Woman Slams Air Canada’s Atrocious Vegan ‘Meal’ Service On 10-Hour Flight

Hungry times.

Woman Slams Air Canada’s Atrocious Vegan ‘Meal’ Service On 10-Hour Flight

Image Credit: The Kind Traveler. Source: TikTok

A vegan passenger has taken to TikTok to share the dismal meal service she received on a recent 10-hour Air Canada flight. She claims meal one was a bottle of water, and meal two was a napkin. Her story inspired others to share their stories of the grim meals they have received after selecting a vegan menu option on a flight.

TikTok user The Kind Traveler has taken to social media to share her grim in-flight meal experience on an Air Canda flight. She said her first meal was non existent (a bottle of water) and her second meal was a napkin. She then added that one kind member of the cabin crew got her some fruit and dinner rolls from business class, after seeing her situation.

“Shout out to the kind flight attendant that got me fruit & dinner rolls from business class,” The Kind Traveler wrote on TikTok. “Before you say bring your own food, I always do – but this was already a 24 hour delay/cancelation, I had no access to prepare anything.”

The Kind Traveler isn’t the only person to have shared their grim vegan meal experience on Air Canada on TikTok, with social media user Fenix Fernandz showing off a rather meagre breakfast he was once served in a separate video.

WATCH: The Kind Traveler and Fenix Fernandz share their grim vegan meal experiences on Air Canada

The Kind Traveler’s video inspired other TikTok users to share some of the grim in-flight meal experiences they’ve had too. TikTok user Nicky wrote: “Vegetarian meal with AC once was shredded carrot on white bread.” Another couple of sympathetic comments were: “Flew AC business, ordered the vegetarian meal, they gave it to another passenger” and “airlines would rather give terrible service than lose money it seems.”

Another social media user wrote: “Why should you have to bring your own food? They should be capable of vegan kosher halal etc. [I] have been on Air Canada and the food was skimpy.” Yet another chimed in and said travelling with allergies was similarly challenging.

Comments next to The Kind Traveler’s video. Source: TikTok

Not everyone was on the empathy train, though, with one TikTok user writing: “Maybe don’t be so high maintenance.” Beyond that, most of the commentary was positive, with others suggesting alternative airlines to fly which provide good vegan options.

“I flew twice with Lufthansa!!” one wrote. “Their vegan and vegetarian meals are so so so good!!!”

Maybe it’s time for plant-based passengers to switch airlines? They’ll just need to look out for Lufthansa’s milk (and I have to admit, delicious) chocolate…

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