Australian Woman Exposes Man’s Super Creepy Behaviour On Flight

A man has been caught propositioning a woman in super creepy fashion on an Air New Zealand flight.

Australian Woman Exposes Man’s Super Creepy Behaviour On Flight

During a recent flight, a man allegedly used Air New Zealand’s in-flight chat function to ultra creepy effect. The man used the chat feature to ask a woman “where you staying?” and was so weird and persistent that she ended up blocking him (and making a TikTok video about the experience which has now been viewed millions of times).

Georgia-May Davis, who describes herself as an “actor, idiot [and] Aussie,” recently exposed the super creepy behaviour of a man called “Chad” on a flight. According to Davis, the man messaged her using Air New Zealand’s in-flight chat feature, asking “hru?”. When she replied “lol good” he then asked: “where you stayin… I’m tryna hit.”

She then replied “what!” and he responded, “prolly come say hey l8”. At this point, Davis can be seen in the video reaching for the “block user” button. Davis also included such captions in and around the video as “I can’t believe this happened on my flight” and “you lost me at Chad.”

WATCH: Georgia-May Davis Shares The Details Of The Creepy Chat In The Video Below

A calvacade of comments flew in on the video, which has been viewed 3.9 million times at the time of writing, asking “which airline” and (some variation of) “wait, airlines have chats?” (as well as things like “did you take a peek who Chad is?”).

Comments beneath the video. Source: TikTok.

Some people said they couldn’t wait to chat to people on their next flight (“Omfg wait I wanna chat w people on planes what airline is this”) while others said it gave them cause for concern (“oh yay another thing to worry about when traveling alone”).

Others questioned if it was real story (one wrote: “this was staged she’s in business too it’s 100% whoever she’s flying with”) and yet others shared their own stories (one tagged their friend and commented: “remember when you added the whole plane” while another said: “I’ve had this on Alaska Airlines”).

@georgiamaydavis Replying to @Lindsay Greenberg apparently there isn’t 💀 #chad #chadfilter #seatchat ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

Davis wrote in the comments: “My ex-boyfriend was called ‘Chad’ so trust me when I say it wasn’t.” She also posted a follow up video in which she claims her ex texted her asking for the video to be removed, to which she replied: “there’s more than one Chad? Lol.”

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If true, it’s creepy behaviour indeed. Almost as weird (arguably weirder?) than the guy who was sprung editing a dick pic on a flight over in the United States. Flying in the (over) friendly skies indeed.

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