What You Can Be Fined For Being A Dickhead On A Flight

Consider yourself warned...

What You Can Be Fined For Being A Dickhead On A Flight

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It’s no secret that there are certain rules and etiquette that must be followed when on an aeroplane. But what happens when you don’t follow those rules? Well, you could be facing a hefty fine. And when we say hefty, we mean hefty

According to One Mile At A Time, The Federal Aviation Administration has just given its biggest-ever fine to date. One passenger, who flew from Dallas to Charlotte in the US on an American Airlines flight back in 2021, will now have to cough up a whopping US$81,950 – which is roughly $109,821 in Australian dollars. Why?

Well, she allegedly threatened to hurt flight attendants and then spat at, headbutted, bit and tried to kick crew members and other passengers. Jeez – no wonder flight attendants are being trained to kick passengers’ asses

Obviously, that’s deplorable behaviour but according to Compare Travel Insurance Australia, there are a number of other things that could get you a huge fine and potentially even arrested…

First of all, there’s “fooling around”. Let’s be honest, it’s a little enticing, the thought of joining the ‘mile-high club’ but you can absolutely be arrested for a ‘sexual act charge’; with the maximum sentence in Australia being 18-months jail or a $5500 fine, according to Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia.

Then there’s getting drunk. If you get inebriated to the point where you cause a commotion or you drink liquor that wasn’t provided to you by flight attendants – say, like the duty-free alcohol you bought at the airport – you can get fined or arrested; just like in that hilarious scene from the film Bridesmaids.

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And for those of you who have a dark sense of humour, be warned: reign it in when you’re flying. If you make a violent joke or any sort of reference to a bomb (even as a joke), not only can you be evicted from the plane, you can be fined up to $5500, be given a criminal record and you could even be banned from flying with that particular airline ever again – which would really suck if it was Qantas and you had a ton of frequent flyer points.

My advice? Just sit back, enjoy your flight and don’t cause trouble for the poor flight attendants; who will actually give you special treatment if you do this one simple thing

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